Brave Californian in the Middle of a War Zone in Ukraine to recover his Wife

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Article by Leo Zagami

My friend, Kaisi Berick, aka “The Siren” is an award-winning artist focused on producing music using 432 Hz Hertz frequency to heal and fine-tune our DNA. He is a producer, singer, songwriter, director, and inventor of a genre called “Epicstep,” in 2015 and was nominated for Pop Artist of the Year at the 25th Annual L.A. Music Awards.

Kaisi is also the son of George Berick, who owns Century 21 Lakeside Realty in Ohio. Kaisi has been going back and forth between California and Ukraine, where his wife is from, for the past two years but he has now made a dangerous choice to save his wife who is trapped in the outskirts of the Ukrainian Capitol. Their apartment was close to some that were recently reduced to rubble.

“There are tons of just destroyed residential buildings, commercial buildings, our whole neighborhood was destroyed,” Berick said. “Russian troops are looting civilians, cars, stores, houses, it’s kind of a mess, currently.”

Berick wrote that he, “Trusts in no parties, trusts in no governments trusts in no organizations and that he trusts only in morals and principles.” But he had to make a choice that is purely driven by his love for his wife. 

“I’m not here to support any side. Just to get my girl and get out.”

However, Kaisi Berick, who is half Ukrainian, has signed up for the International Legion of Territorial Defense to be armed in case of possible confrontation on the ground.  

Today, I will interview Kaisi Berick, who is a long time Infowarrior and supporter of Alex Jones, who is sampled in one of his tracks, thinks that “the United States has provoked this war by breaking the NATO agreements with Russia so many times,” during The Leo Zagami Show to be broadcast at 10 am PST. 

Tune in for this exclusive interview from the heart of the war zone on THE LEO ZAGAMI SHOW

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