The Table of Contents of Zagami’s VOLUME 7 The Most Important book You will ever read!

                                          Leo Lyon Zagami

 This book is dedicated to Hans Gaarder (1960-2021), Dr. Andreas Noack (1964-2021), and Dr. Domenico Biscardi (1968 – 2022) three freedom fighters who tried to oppose the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Table of contents

Introduction by the Author

Chapter One

Resettling the herd for the Great Reset

Rise of the Fourth Reich   

The Sabbatean Frankist Involvement and the QAnon PSYOP  

From QAnnon to the Metaverse Courtesy of Cyber Satan     

The Not So ”Great” King Satan and Mr. Klaus  

How the Club of Rome and Nazism Influenced the World Economic Forum

Chapter Two

The Great Reject Finding solutions to the Great Reset   

The liberal pandemic that started in California and our Orwellian future 

A Vaccine Loving Marxist Pope and the Capitol Riot Trap

An X-Files Scenario is Unfolding…

Archbishop “Pope” Carlo Maria Viganò is On Board with the Great Reject

Bergoglio is the Anti-pope

How to Prepare for the Great Reject and Societal Collapse

Chapter Three

What’s More sinister than Communism? An Alien Invasion?

ET disclosure at the Pentagon and the Vatican cover-up their Demonic allies

The Vatican Alien Heresy, Castaneda, and Operation Condor

 Could Alien Artificial Intelligence be Behind the Rise of Cyber Satan?

 Preparing the Future Cyber One World Religion

 Astana/Satana and the Sanitary Dictatorship of The Fourth Reich

Chapter Four

The Unfolding of the Fourth Reich

The Illuminati Playgrounds of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

From H. G. Wells to Dr. Fauci, The Twisted Ideology of the NWO is Upon Us

The One World Religion Became a Reality in 2020 But Nobody Seems to Care

Chapter Five

The end of Davos and the rise of the Satanic Reset

The elite is well organized but deranged and perverted

The Future of the Davos Agenda

 Kurzweil and the Computerized Incarnation of Ahriman

The Portals of Hell Initially Opened by the Swiss Illuminati

The “Socialist Paradise” is an Illuminati Dystopian Nightmare

The Illuminati Fear the Kingdom of God

 The Marxist Pact of the Catacombs to Sabotage the Kingdom of God