Anti-lockdown Protesters Assault BBC Headquarters in Central London

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Article by Leo Zagami

BBC journalist Nicholas Watt was chased by angry anti-lockdown protesters in London on June 15, after a crowd had gathered to protest the extension of coronavirus restrictions for an additional four weeks. Watt ran away from the protestors and returned to the safety of Downing Street. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the incident and called it, “disgraceful,” but since then, the situation has worsened.

People are fed up with the never-ending coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the constant disinformation given by the mainstream media, and in London today they attacked the BBC headquarters.

A group of angry protesters attempted to invade the BBC central office in West London, forcing a massive metropolitan police intervention to contain the anti-lockdown protesters who had every intention of breaking through the entrance and occupying the headquarters of the British broadcaster.

The protest was organized by, Official Voice, which, on its Instagram page, justified the action, accusing the British national media of divulging false information about Covid-19.

The story is still unfolding, and I will bring you any updates on this article if something happens in the coming hours.


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One thought to “Anti-lockdown Protesters Assault BBC Headquarters in Central London”

  1. Blackalienzxyz on Instagram has a video of the Pope saying the antichrist is soon. I say an article last year saying September. To me it still feels too early considering the seven year time frame being superimposed on the current time space continuum (yes I’ve been watching too much flash), with regards to the 2030 agenda.

    To me the key barometer is Iran getting nukes. They can’t and won’t. Israel will strike and take them out and that might be the final straw to escalate the six trumpet war. I could easily see the Muslims attacking and getting destroyed in the ball of fire quickly. Then the aliens get brought in as far as everything I know. It will either be nuclear or the space lasers. From there other countries could strike as we assume China will go full kinetic at some point…I would just hope/ assume that would be later (the last 3.5 years)

    God bless

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