Pope Calls Coronavirus Vaccinations an Ethical Obligation accusing those who refuse of “Suicidal Denial”

Article by Leo Zagami

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Last summer, Pope Francis said that the potential coronavirus vaccine should be made available to all.  Now, in an interview scheduled to air this weekend on Berlusconi’s TV Canale 5, Pope Francis said that “everyone” must take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“I believe that, ethically, everyone should take the vaccine,” he said, according to a transcript released in advance of the airing of the interview. 

The Jesuit Pope added that he would be taking the vaccine himself, and that the Vatican will start administering it to its citizens “next week,” remarking that “it must be done.”Francis did not specify the exact timing of his inoculation, but Francis’ plan sends a significant pro-vaccine signal to the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics duped into this dangerous choice. 

The Pope’s vaccine news was released simultaneously with the news that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and her husband Prince Philip, 99, received vaccines against coronavirus, officials from Buckingham Palace said Saturday.


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