SHOCKING: Italian Bishops Conference comes out in support of Netflix’s pedophile movie “Cuties”!

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Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


Avvenire  the Italian Bishops Conference paper, has come out in defense of Netflix kiddie-porn child-sex pedophile fantasy movie “Cuties.” Incredible but true, the shameless Italian bishops’ media has defended the controversial film Cuties, arguing that Netflix’s soft-core child pornography production “does not encourage pedophilia” but “when interpreted correctly and presented well, can become an educational film.”

 For the Catholic pedophile Mafia that control the Italian Bishops Conference, there is no “scandalous sexualization of adolescents” and the 650,000 petitioners who“launched a sabotage campaign,”against Netflix are not understanding the alelged cultural significance of this coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré.

“Those who are outraged at Netflix for the French film Mignonnes (Cuties) have not seen the movie and are basing their criticism on the poster advertising the film,” asserted the newspaper Avvenire in a Wednesday column. The now leftwing journal of the Italian Episcopal Conference also added in defense of the film that the critics of  it ” didn’t understand it or have looked at it with the wrong eyes.”

So while in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz asked the Justice Department to look into whether the streamer and the movie’s makers violated federal child pornography laws, in Italy the Italian Bishops Conference is openly defending this monstrosity. I feel a sense of shame for the Italian Catholics who are still controlled, even politically, the perverts of the Italian Bishops Conference.

In the meantime, according to FlixPatrol, on Saturday, September 14, the movie broke the Netflix top 10 movie chart, reaching a peak of number four on September 12. At the time of writing this, the movie is at number five in the Netflix movie charts, making it the second most-watched Netflix original of the day behind The Social Dilemma.



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