Blondet known Antisemitic journalist and Opus Dei member asks the Vatican to move a lawsuit against Zagami

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Article by Leo Zagami

Maurizio Blondet is a well known antisemitic Italian journalist and writer of Catholic inspiration,  who worked in the past for Berlusconi’s “Il Giornale,” and “Avvenire”,  an Italian daily newspaper that is officially affiliated with the Catholic Church and the Italian Episcopal Conference based in Milan, Italy. Blondet, who is said to be a high-level Opus Dei member, also directed, along with Siro Mazza of similar orientation, Certamen magazine, a Catholic-oriented review before being exposed as an antisemite when he wrote articles for La Padania, the official newspaper of the Northern League. He also directed until 2015 the online news site Effedieffe.


Most of his books are about the occult and oligarch powers, attacking Freemasonry and the New World Order, but unfortunately, he is an antisemitic canard that often supports fake  Jewish conspiracy theories.  One of his most known books is entitled, Gli Adelphi della Dissoluzione, and is probably the most famous of his works on this subject. For this reason, in 1993, his name was included in a list of antisemite journalists by the Anti-Defamation League because of an article in the weekly magazine “Il Sabato”that purported the infamous Zionist Occupation Government theory.

He is often concerned about the involvement of Jewish lobbies in the organization of conspiracies and attacks, such as 9/11, that he originally covered for the Catholic newspaper Avvenire while living in New York City, and now, after constantly attacking Pope Francis in the past, accusing him of being to close to Freemasonry and the gay lobby, suddenly decided that the Vatican should move a lawsuit against me for exposing Pope Francis’s gay lover:

The incredible statement comes from someone, who in the past, has even referenced my work  and my Masonic membership:

And has stated that the problem in the Catholic Church is not pedophilia but homosexuality:

In the last few weeks the Vatican, together with members of the Diocese of Tivoli and the highly influential Dom Mauro Meacci, Abbot of Subiaco, where I used to live, who is a  very close friend of Pope Francis, have instigated a police investigation against me in Italy to try to stop my exposure work that is considered increasingly dangerous by the Jesuits and the Opus Dei, who are still secretly controlled by Cardinal Pell.

Please continue to support my work and my application for U.S. citizenship with your donations and by buying my books,  and pray for me as the Vatican is trying to have me silenced in every way possible.

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5 thoughts to “Blondet known Antisemitic journalist and Opus Dei member asks the Vatican to move a lawsuit against Zagami”

  1. Maurizio Blondet fa parte dell’Opus Dei ? Finalmente si capiscono certe sue spigolose ambiguità. L’Opus Dei è una emanazione (l’ennesima) della massoneria giudaica. Scrive una sacco di cose vere sulla massoneria proprio per questo motivo. Viviamo in un epoca nella quale scoprire la verità è come vincere un terno al lotto.
    JOSÉ MARIA ESCRIVÁ DE BALAGUER Y ALBÁS – un “santo” incredibile –://

  2. David Icke, in his latest book, The Trigger, explains what ultra-Zionism is. It has nothing to do with ‘Jews’ (who incidentally are not a race). The Israeli government and the Mossad are deeply embedded in Western societies and governments. You think the surveillance state in America is bad, it takes a back seat to the Mossad and it’s affiliates. Their pit-bull attack dog is the Anti-defamation League (ADL). This is NOT anti-Semitic, but anti-Ultra-Zionist. Ultra-Zionists are proponents of a Homeland in the Holy Land for Jews, Zionists in particular, and they mean to keep it exclusive to them using the US military as their proxy military force. If the next World War starts in the Middle East, it will be because Israel started it and US forces will have to fight it.

    As Icke explains, these ultra-Zionist ‘Jews’ have ancestry that never set foot in the Holy Land. They come from the Caspian Sea area and evolved into a Sabbatian-Frankist death cult which is now in control of the Israeli government.

    Now, no doubt there are anti-Semitics out there and hate Jews for just being Jews. I’m not one of them. I’m anti-Ultra-Zionist no matter their race, color, or creed. A bad guy is a bad guy – no matter what they look like. I’m for the truth no matter where it takes me, no matter how unpleasant the facts are. That’s why I have every one of Leo’s books. The world is an unpleasant place filled with unpleasant people. The more we know about it and them, the more of a defense we can mount against them. Perhaps even mount a counter-attack.

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