Gay Jesus Wearing Heels Sitting with Drag Queens in an Altarpiece Placed in a Famous Church in Sweden

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Article by Leo Zagami 


I wrote in my recently published Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 4, that during the official visit to the U.S. of “Her Holyness” Greta Thunberg, the Church of St.Paul in Malmö, Sweden, part of the ever so inclusive Lutheran Swedish Church, announced that they would ring their church bells in conjunction with the Global Climate Strike. Now, the very same libtard Church is back in the news for an even bigger controversy regarding the LGBTQ community and a new altarpiece that in the words of the pastor Helena Myrstener is “making history.”

Originally, a gay altarpiece showing two Adams, two Eves, and a transgender woman dressed as a serpent was removed over fears it could be regarded as offensive to transgenders. Created by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, the controversial piece of art was donated to the Saint Paul Church in Malmo seven years ago, and after a long debate, it was finally placed to the right of the main altarpiece on the first Sunday of Advent, on December 1st, 2019. However, it was quickly removed because of controversy surrounding the presence of a tempting transgender snake in the painting, an image that was seen as inherently evil and unfair towards transgenders.


This is not a joke, Swedish libtards, and their demented Satanic-influenced Lutheran Church, that is rapidly declining due to all of the heresies, with only a 2% following at a National level, has now removed the controversial altarpiece depicting Adam and Eve placed in a paradise full of gay couples in winking poses, complete with a tempting transgender snake, and replaced it another blasphemous image depicting Jesus wearing heels sitting with a bunch of drag queens.

Now, why doesn’t the Church of Sweden do the same thing with their beloved Mohammed that is much more popular in multi-cultural Sweden? Well, the Scandinavian socialist idiots know very well that if they did something like they would all be killed. So why does the LGBTQ community continue to insult Jesus? They will only anger Christians, just like what happened with the “Gay Jesus” Netflix controversy in Brazil.

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