Crisis erupts as The Vatican Bank is isolated from the Financial world and Cardinal Pell is called back to Rome

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Article by Leo Zagami 

Things are getting out of control in preparation for the Jesuit takeover of the Vatican Bank in January 2020:

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journalrevealed that the Egmont Group, an elite global collective of more than 160 financial intelligence agencies, has severed the Vatican’s access to its web system, which members use to target money laundering, terrorism financing, and tax fraud.

The Vatican’s own watchdog group, the Financial Information Authority (AIF), remains a member of the Egmont Group, but it is blocked from Egmont’s information-sharing network until it can prove that it will not share criminal investigation data gleaned from other financial intelligence units without their permission.

On Monday, the Holy See announced the resignation of Financial Information Authority (AIF) president René Brülhart. According to the statement, his as-yet-unnamed replacement will take office upon Pope Francis’ return from Asia next week.

Brülhart has been working with the Vatican since 2012, to purge the Holy See of its reputation as a hotbed of financial corruption but he must have failed and left before Egmont moved in to investigate the situation.

The increasingly dramatic situation is a clear sign of the internal war that has erupted in the Holy See over the October 1st Vatican police raid on the offices of AIF and the Secretariat of State in an investigation by the Promoter of Justice (Vatican prosecutor) into “serious indications of embezzlement, fraud, abuse of office, money laundering and self-laundering involving curial officials.

In April, I wrote how the Pope was approving new statutes for the Vatican Bank to avoid being exposed for money laundering but he obviously failed:

Pope Approves New Statutes for Vatican Bank to Avoid being Exposed for Money Laundering

However, many scandals have shown the criminal intentions of the Vatican Bank aka IOR and the financial sector of the Holy See in the hands of a bunch of criminals:

Money-laundering and Mafia infiltration push Vatican prosecutors to conduct a raid on Vatican Secretariat of State offices

New Scandal exposes Holy See as Criminal Organization run by Vatican Cardinals

On Tuesday, the Australian Associated Press reported that Pell, who is currently serving a six-year prison term after a sex abuse conviction widely seen as dubious,  may be required to suddenly testify as part of the Holy See’s investigation into alleged financial irregularities involving the Vatican Secretariat of State. This will mean that Pell, who was head of the Secretariat for the Economy from 2014–2017, will conveniently be flown back to Rome.

The International Pedophile Rings have found a way to free Cardinal Pell and delay the Jesuit take-over of Vatican finances. As Prefect Official, Cardinal Pell was responsible for cleaning up Church finances, and may be seen as someone who can shed light on the alleged misappropriation of nearly half a billion dollars in contributions to Peter’s Pence, the Pope’s fund for the poor. But in reality, most of the money wound up in England and now the pedophile elite of the Egmont Group is holding the Vatican as ransom until Pell is safely back in Rome.

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