Incredible: Catholic Cathedral in Tuscany promotes Islam and the Study of the Quran!

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Article by Leo Zagami 


I have been writing for years that the Catholic Church is gradually embracing Islam to shape the future religion of Chrislam. In Lucca in the parish of Seravezza, in Tuscany, the parish priest Don Luca Volpi is promoting Chrislam with two upcoming meetings described as “training meeting for young people and adults” that will take place in the hall of the cathedral in via Scalette 47. Father Volpi has even been advertising them on the official bulletin board of the Duomo dedicated to Saints Lorenzo and Barbara.

The events in question will take place on two occasions, on November 11th, 2019 at 9 pm and the topic will be “The Quran,” while the following meeting will take place at the same time on November 18th and the title will simply be “Islam.” The priest encouraged the participation of non-Catholic Catholics stating “everyone is invited, especially Muslims.”

An initiative – writes the newspaper, La Nazione   – “which has already split the community, in favor of a more historical approach to the topic and contrary to a disclosure far removed from the evangelical promotion.”

 Holding two conferences will be the author and Professor Massimo Salani, who has included his progressive message in favor of  Chrislam in a book entitled “At table with religions” that considers food, “closely linked to interreligious dialogue.”  One wonders if Professor Massimo Salani has omitted the infamous salami to please his Muslims friends. Don Luca’s commentary on the events was brief, he was asked about the reasons for the sessions on Islam and the Quran and about the backlash that these initiatives will have. He only said: “We also had other meetings in October. This is a subject like many others “.

Meanwhile in Italy, a special political commission has just opened called the Segre Commission that will prohibit criticizing Islam and unfortuantely imposes further censorship in a country that had the highest number of threats to journalists in Europe in 2018.



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  1. Just like SiliconValley, The NBA and Harveywood embracing China – it’s either data mining for control or supporting/assisting Communism… Committees if AntiAmerican MoneyAsGod Luciferians
    I agree with LeBron James …. but not where his statement was originally directed.
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