Elon Musk, The Mark of the Beast, and the Vatican Jesuits


Article by Leo Zagami


In my latest book published in February of this year I wrote:

Elon Musk (b.1971), known technology entrepreneur ranked in 2016 as 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People, has been one of the first to raise the specter of the digital devil taking over the world and humans being left behind. He fears that AI will exceed biological intelligence by such a margin that we will all need to think about an AI-infused human. This transformation will start with the implanting of the microchip. The infamous, “Mark of the Beast.”

 And a few months later, Elon Musk, who initially seemed to draw attention to AI’s potential harm against humans, has suddenly changed his tune and wants to insert Bluetooth-enabled implants into our brains, claiming such devices could enable telepathy and repair motor function in people with injuries, something reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. This will be done through the Neuralink Corporation, an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and others, who are developing an implantable brain–machine that interfaces (BMIs).

“The interface to the chip is wireless, so you have no wires poking out of your head. That’s very important,” said Musk, who explained that trials on humans could start before the end of 2020. Mr. Musk described such a plan as reaching “symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” Words that are finally showing his true colors and his loyalty to Transhumanism, the international philosophical movement created by the dark side of the Illuminati that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

As I wrote in vol.6.6.6: The implementation of this project on a global scale could well become the trademark described by St. John in Revelation. Such technology will also be used as a substitute for money and credit cards, just as it is now occurring in many countries, with so-called smartphones, which are gradually allowing automatic payment by simply swiping the device over a receiver.

 In September 2017, Wired reported to an astonished world that Anthony Levandowski, another controversial self-driving car engineer, and “unlikely prophet,” who was at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, had established a religious organization called Way of the Future  to promote:“The realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.”

There is also a lot of interest by the traditional religious world, and especially the Vatican on the subject, and a symposium entitled “From Awe to Wisdom: Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” was hosted in Rome by the U.S. Embassy at the Holy See in March of 2019, exactly a month after the Vatican Workshop “Robo Ethics. People, Machines and Health,” took place at the Pontifical Academy.

US-embassy-Ai-1024x683                                                                                                 Artificial Intelligence Vatican experts at US Embassy event warn of ‘technology arms race’

During the event at the U.S. Embassy,  two priests engaged in an extensive discussion on AI ethics and warned against a “technology arms race”and the risk we take when we make machines more human as people may become increasingly like machines. Yet not a soul in the Vatican has pointed out on the influence of the demonic side and the link to the “Mark of the Beast” prophecy mentioned in the Bible.

As we all know, Science fiction has long explored these themes because they involve many moral and ethical implications of great importance for humanity, but as I pointed out in Vol.6.66, very few people know that films like “2001 – A Space Odyssey”  were inspired by the Jesuits and the legendary figure of the late Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French idealist philosopher and Jesuit priest who also inspired “The Exorcist.”

Jesuit Father Carlo Casalone, has recently been nominated as the Pope’s consultant on robotics and the A.I. because Bergoglio “the False Prophet,” wants to eventually merge the One World Religion with robotics and Artificial Intelligence ultimately worshipping what Levandowski described as, “A Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence(AI),”called Cyber Satan, the biggest threat to humanity.

Jesuit Father Carlo Casalone, a member and consultant at the Pontifical Academy for Life, is pictured in his office at the Vatican Dec. 5. The Pontifical Academy for Life has added robotics to its list of specialized areas of study. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See VATICAN-LETTER-ROBOTS-LIFE Jan. 3, 2018.
Father Carlo Casalone SJ in charge of the new Vatican AI Team 

Of course, the Antichrist and his minions like Elon Musk will force everyone to implant The Mark, without which one could not purchase or sell anything, and to refuse it would mean our imminent demise. Check this video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j37AGhbDQz4



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