Haunting Figure at Notre Dame Cathedral fire could be a Knight Templar


Holy Land Templar Knight with turban, XIII Century

Article by Leo Zagami 


As the cathedral of Notre Dame collapsed overwhelmed by flames, a strange event occurred in the upper part of the cathedral, right before the eyes of millions of viewers. A mysterious figure materialized dressed very much like a Templar Knight in a white turban which was in use in the Middle Eastern commanderies of the Knights Templars in the XIII century.   Pope Francis remained silent during the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, and spoke for the first time about the tragedy the following morning. The first to speak, was the French bishops, and as the new president of the French Bishops’ conference, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, recalled how “nothing on this earth is made to last forever.” This pragmatic statement was followed by the Italian bishops, who sent “a fraternal embrace” to the archbishop of Paris, as did those of Vienna and London. Almost everyone spoke, but Pope Francis did not, despite the fact that the second most visited church after St. Peter was burning to the ground. The reason for his silence is simple. Under the 1905 law on the separation of church and state, Notre-Dame de Paris is one of 70 churches in Paris built before that year which are owned by the French state. While the building itself is owned by the state, the Catholic church is the designated beneficiary, with the the exclusive right to use it for religious purposes in perpetuity, but also the responsibility of paying employees, for security, heating, cleaning, and for ensuring that the cathedral is open free to visitors. The archdiocese does not receive subsidies from the French state and the Vatican has not invested the necessary money in protecting it. That is what the almighty Pope was embarrassed about, because the church is his direct responsibility. Only on the late Monday evening did we hear news from the Vatican, and their pretty lame response, “The Holy See has received with shock and sadness the news of the terrible fire, which devastated a symbol of Christianity.”  This Cathedral was originally financed by the Knights Templar, not by the Vatican, and built by operative Freemasons loyal to the Christian faith that have recently reclaimed this space during a mass that took place on the 18th of March 2017 in the cathedral of Notre Dame to mark the birth of the Nouvel Ordre Mondial Templier (Templar New World Order):


and continued this year:


The Nouvel Ordre Mondial Templier of the Grand Master Pierre de Lyon, wishes to gain acceptance within the church, and in this recent image published on social media he is placed next to the Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights.


In France, the Knights Templar were big financial backers for many major building projects, including the great cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which was constructed under the direction and participation of operative Freemasons. When Knights Templars built or funded great buildings, freemasons were heavily involved; from the Middle East, through France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, France, and other European countries. The Knights Templar had holdings in Templar districts that were not subject to city or country taxation (they were – technically – church property). This is where the  ancillary personnel for the commandery or other Templar operations lived. Many operative masons lived within the Templar districts, and by the 1200s both groups began profiting from each other’s expertise. Both groups simultaneously created labor unions and Masons (through historic documents) joined the Templars and worked on Templar and church buildings. Built by Masons, financed by Templars it makes sense that this figure could have been the ghost of an original Knights Templar sending a veiled message to the Jesuit Pope.


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