Yellow-Vests finally attack Masonic lodge of the GOF involved in a political conspiracy against the French people


Article by Leo Zagami


Saturday marked the seventeenth straight weekend of street protests across France by the Yellow-Vests, and tensions are rising after a Masonic Temple of the Grand Orient of France was brutally attacked on Saturday evening by an angry mob. Around midnight, as La Dépêche paper reported, some protesters began shouting We’re going to the Freemasons!For the Masonic media, someone was bound to decide, sooner or later, that both Jews and Masons would become the latest target of this Yellow-Vest protest. But this is a simplistic view of things built for US “Masonic Dummies” that have no idea of what is really happening in France:

Their analysis is no better than the one made by “the profane” pro-Russian journalist of RT:

When write that the bored anti-establishment delinquents of the Yellow-Vest have attacked a Masonic lodge, they conveniently did not specify that liberal Freemasonry is actively conspiring against the sovereignty of the French people in favor of the EU, and Mondialism.  For the skeptics, there are even documents issued by the Grand Orient of France that prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are involved in political action with President Emmanuel Macron since he was Minister of the Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs from 2014 to 2016.



So let me explain why the Yellow-Vests were actually correct in their attack that cannot be considered anti-Masonic for a number of reasons. Discussion of religion and politics is, in fact, prohibited within “Regular lodges” not within the Grand Orient of France. Liberal Freemasonry is also considered irregular by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and most other English-speaking Grand Lodges either because female members are admitted, or there are no requirements for members to declare a belief in a Supreme Being. While we can discuss the legitimacy or not of female members in the Craft,  we cannot tolerate their atheist stand that has built in over one hundred years since their schism, a progressive network of Socialists and Communists that are ruining the world. In September 2015, for example, during the migrant crisis, one million Muslim immigrants entered Europe, and Liberal Freemasons headed by the Grand Orient of France openly encouraged to welcome them with an Official Declaration, without considering the negative consequences that would follow, including the terrorist attacks.




Unfortunately, in recent years, a growing number of “Regular” Freemasons are building informal relations with liberal obediences because their members consider themselves Freemasons and this is becoming dangerous. It is worth mentioning that a significant majority of “liberal” Lodges (united in mutual recognition of the Grand Orient of France and the Grand Orient of Belgium) maintain high standards for rituals as well as having a culture of a very high-quality Masonic education, but their mission is totally wrong as they have been proven to actively work against Christianity.


In my latest bookConfessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66,I explain this very clearly: “Ultimately, in 1877, there was the great schism in Freemasonry, when Satanists in Paris in complete control of the Grand Orient of France, finally admitted they had no belief in God or in a Supreme Being in Freemasonry. This was year Zero of the Satanic/Atheist take over of French Freemasonry that became a left-wing stronghold politically speaking, and completely Satanic, religiously speaking. It was a turning point that gave the green light to many Illuminati Satanists, that could now recruit without any problems from the lodges of French Freemasonry, giving birth to a series of secret societies and Gnostic Churches to cover-up their Satanic activities. Not all Freemasonry is the same, and the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), and related Lodges, that regard belief in the Supreme Being as a Masonic Landmark, of course, took away their recognition from the Grand Orient in 1877.  Soon afterward, the persecution of Catholics began in France. “


The Grand Orient of France, secretly backed by the Vatican Jesuits, have involved their Temples and their Orders with political conspiracy, and demonic activities for way too long, and now they are simply paying the price of this, so why defend them?  Personally, I think the group of over 400 Yellow-Vest protesters in the southwest French town of Tarbes near the Spanish border that broke the windows and completely ransacked one of their Temples was completely justified in their actions, even if they might have been provoked by the enemy itself, so they can later play victim.


lodge busted

Officially a masked, unidentified man in a vest (a member of the Macron’s secret police?) suddenly highjacked the otherwise peaceful march of the Yellow-Vests, grabbed a megaphone and yelled, “Let’s go get the police and the Freemasons!”

According to a story in, the same man then led around a hundred followers to a local Masonic temple of the Grand Orient of France and began pelting the windows with rocks. As some in the crowd followed suit, he climbed the gate and several protesters smashed the door and entered the building. Once inside, they ransacked the lodge room, overturned furniture, and made off with four ceremonial swords that were later returned. It did not take 3 minutes for them to retreat, as they claimed, alarmed by a light on the first floor, which they had themselves turned on: “Be careful, there is someone inside, get out!”


The leader came out with four swords that he left on the windows of the nearby Bank of France before another protester changed his mind and returned the objects. Nevertheless, some individual Masons in France have now demonstrated their solidarity with the movement by calling themselves “Yellow Aprons” because they know that France’s Grand Orient Masons, in particular, frequently take strong institutional stands on political issues, unlike Anglo-American Masons that overall are Conservative, especially in the US, and dislike the way the Grand Orient is working in favor of progressive governments that will eventually merge into a Socialist One World Government nightmare.



Leo Zagamy Confessions 666

Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new groundbreaking book  Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66 The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics


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Leo Zagami is also the author of  Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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