Pope Francis shamefully ignored the sexual abuse of deaf children in Argentina


Papa Francesco durante la celebrazione della Messa nella basilica di San Pietro in suffragio dei cardinali e vescovi defunti nel corso dell'anno, Citt‡ del Vaticano, 3 novembre 2014. ANSA/ ANGELO CARCONI


Article by Leo Zagami


An octogenarian Italian priest named Nicola Corradi, accused of being the ringleader of an international sex trafficking operation, focused his abuse on deaf students with disabilities, was arrested in Argentina in 2016, and is now set to go before a judge next month. Father Nicola Corradi, who was already known for the same kind of abuse committed at a school for the deaf in Verona years earlier, repeated the crime in Argentina, where at least 22 children were sexually abused by him and another priest, at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in the second half of the nineties. When investigators swept in and raided the religious Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, they uncovered one of the worst cases plaguing the Catholic Church.

A place of silent torment where prosecutors say pedophiles preyed on the isolated and submissive children, forcing them into the most Satanic and perverted practices.

A spokesman for the Mendoza bishopric said Corradi, who arrived there in 1996, may have been a beneficiary of the former “malpractice” of shifting predator priests from one place to another rather than denouncing them. According to a recent investigation conducted by the Washington Post that included a full review of court and church documents, private letters, and dozens of interviews in Argentina and Italy, the church officials all the way up to and including Pope Francis, were warned repeatedly and directly about the group of alleged predators that included Corradi, yet they took no apparent action against him because Pope Francis continues to protect Satanists and pedophiles. “I want Pope Francis to come here, I want him to explain how this happened, how they knew this and did nothing,” said a saddened 24-year-old ex-alumna of the Provolo Institute, using sign language as her hands shook in rage.

The Italian non-profit organization, Rete L’abuso Onlus, denounced Corradi’s abuse in Verona to the local Church years ago, demanding the creation of a commission of inquiry into Italian pedophile priests, but they were ignored.


The deaf students, like most victims of pedophilia and Satanists of the Catholic Church, vulnerable to the extreme, tend to come from poor families that fervently believed in the sanctity of this now corrupt institution. Prosecutors say the children were fondled, raped, sometimes tied up and, in one instance, forced to wear a diaper to hide the bleeding. All the while, their limited ability to communicate complicated their ability to tell others what was happening to them. Students at the school were smacked if they used sign language. One of the few hand gestures used by the priests, victims say, was, however, an index figure to lips — a demand for silence, but also a sign used by Satanist Aleister Crowley, known as the sign of Hoor Paar Kraat / Harpocrates / Horus.

The Egyptians had, in fact, their own God of Silence: Haar-Poor-Kraat who was a god-form of Horus.  This god-form has always been depicted with the right hand placed toward the mouth with one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

The Greeks also had their own God of Silence as well, Harpocrates, a version of the Egyptian God of Silence.  This god-form was similarly depicted as his Egyptian counterpart, with the right hand placed toward the mouth and one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

In the late 18th Century, Satanist Sir Francis Dashwood whose nickname was “St. Francis” organized an Illuminati elite group of English Lords and other elites for drink and debauchery in the English countryside. Sir Francis’s club was never originally known as Hellfire Club; it was given this name much later. This club I talk extensively about in my new book Confessions of an Illuminati vol.6.66, used a number of other names, such as the Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe, Order of Knights of West Wycombe, The Order of the Friars of St Francis of Wycombe and later, after moving their meetings to Medmenham Abbey, they became the Monks or Friars of Medmenham. All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure.  Dashwood definitely created an ancient Egyptian-Graeco-Roman theme for the club. The visitor to Medmenham was welcomed by a statue of Harpocrates, the Greek god of silence, as well as his female equivalent, the goddess Angerona. They seem to be there to remind the members that they are required to be silent about what goes on inside just as the victims of Father Corradi’s pedophile network.

The schools where Corradi, now 83, operated, were all founded and staffed by priests from the Company of Mary for the Education of the Deaf, a small Catholic congregation active in Italy and South America that answers directly only to the Vatican. The Italian victims’ efforts to sound the alarm to church authorities began in 2008 and included mailing a list of accused priests to Francis in 2014 and physically handing him the list in 2015 so why wait so long? It was also not the church, but Argentine law enforcement that cut off Corradi’s access to children in the end, when it shut down the Provolo school in Lujan.

Argentine prosecutors say the Catholic church has not fully cooperated with their investigation. As The Washinton Post said yesterday in an article:  “As Francis prepares to host a historic bishops’ summit this week to address clerical sexual abuse, the lapses in the case — affecting the pope’s home country of Argentina and the home country of the Roman Catholic Church — illustrate the still-present failures of the church to fix a system that has allowed priests to continue to abuse children long after they were first accused.”

Pope Francis should resign and the Vatican should sell their churches and properties to pay off all the victims of these terrible crimes, but this is never going to happen because their pedophile elite still rules the world.


Leo Zagamy Confessions 666

Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new groundbreaking book  Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66 The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics



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