Collapse of the EU is a Sign of the Return of Jesus



Article by Leo Zagami


Several left-wing mayors in Italy have refused to obey the “anti-migrant” policies of Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, just like they do in the US with Donald J. Trump. The newly elected Italian populist government supported by Trump has spearheaded a move to tighten the criminal asylum laws in place, but, unfortunately, a bunch of left-wing mayors financed by George Soros are opposing the whole thing and openly violating Italian law in the process. This is another sign that Italy is closer to a possible civil war, that was even outlined by famous left-wing journalist Oscar Giannino, on Radio 24.

Italy was until now the only EU member state offering a two-year permit which allowed illegal immigrants to live in state-run reception centers financed with EU and Italian money, that gave illegal immigrants access to training and educational programs that are an enormous burden on Italian taxpayers that already live in a state of poverty due to the economic policies of the past governments.

One of the left-wing rebels, the progressive mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, said the Interior Minister  Matteo Salvini was playing politics with peoples’ lives. To leave people and children in the middle of cold and stormy seas is a crime – not simply indecent, immoral, and appalling,

De Magistris and the Mayors of Palermo, Florence, and Parma all want to encourage illegal immigration and human trafficking, because their political parties and the Catholic Church make enormous amounts of money on this precarious situation.

That’s why they are refusing to implement the country’s controversial security law which they say reduces the rights of refugees and migrants. So these left-wing criminals should all be arrested, but instead, they will be protected in the liberal progressive nightmare called the European Union. The EU is a criminal  institution that supports and finances the systematic destruction of the nations of Europe, and the ethnicity of its people, and is working for a nationless One World Government.

In the meantime, the Yellow Vest protests that began in France two months ago over gas taxes has turned into a more general attack on the EU and is now expanding. This seems the only way forward if they don’t transform it into another left- wing/anarchic farse. However, well informed sources on the ground told me that the French campaign is not run by Marxists or controlled by George Soros, so Vive La Révolution!

The first Yellow Vest demonstration of the new year reached a new level of rebellion yesterday as the French government ministry building was attacked and the progressive scumbag minister evacuated out the back door. What started peacefully might finally show the EU and the NWO that this is the end of their dream, and our nightmare.


At the same time, it is looking more and more like a prophetically highlighted event in the Bible, that is often overlooked. The rise of a new superpower that will emerge on the world scene is seen shortly before Jesus’ return. In Daniel Chapters 2 and 7, it is predicted that a future unified Europe will rise in the end times out of the ashes of the old Roman Empire. It is written that during the reign of the fourth empire (Roman Empire ), God will set up the “kingdom that will never be destroyed,” (Daniel 2:44). We know from this and other prophecies that this is the Kingdom of God, which Jesus Christ will establish on Earth on His return after defeating Satan’s legions that include now the Military of the European Union. Remember this fourth empire that is basically the EU, will fight Jesus Christ, and be destroyed. So we all look forward to the destruction of the EU because it means we are one step closer to the return of Jesus.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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  1. It’s a (global) empire ruled by satan as anti-christ… Satan will rule from Jerusalem, imitating the real Christ, who will rule and reign from there. Satan comes to conquer, Christ comes to rule…. That’s what 5G and high tech are here for, Not for us per se, but for satan, so he can be the eye in the sky… At that time it will be the great deception, because the world will believe the real Christ is here.

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