Spontaneous Resignations in the Communication Discastery kick off a disastrous 2019 for the Vatican!

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Article by Leo Zagami


The Director and Vice-Director of the Vatican’s press office have resigned together, in a surprise move that appears to indicate strong tensions at the top of the city-state’s complicated communications structure.

The resignations of American Greg Burke and Spaniard Paloma García Ovejero seem to have caught their supervisor by surprise. Paolo Ruffini, head of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Communication said in a public statement that he had just “learned” of the decision, and called it a “free and autonomous choice,” adding that, “he respected the decision they took.”

The resignations of Burke and García were announced with a short note published by the Vatican’s daily bulletin on the last day of 2018. Pope Francis immediately appointed Alessandro Gisotti, who was the head of Social Media for the Communications Dicastery, to new interim Director of the Press Office. No reasons were given for this sudden shake-up.

In a tweet, Burke said that he and García would be leaving on January1st, explaining that “At this time of transition in Vatican communications, we think it’s best the Holy Father is completely free to assemble a new team.”

The surprise resignations come two weeks after Francis appointed his close friend, the Italian journalist and Vatican expert Andrea Tornielli, who recently left his position as senior Vatican expert of the left-wing newspaper La Stampa, to fill an open high-level position in the Communications Dicastery of the Holy Office. Tornielli, who previously worked for La Stampa as coordinator of the website Vatican Insiderand in 2016 released a book-length interview with his friend Pope Francis, is now in charge of coordinating the editorial line of all the Vatican’s media outlets. However, it seems that Pope Francis’s recent reforms of the Vatican’s communications structure didn’t go well and created immediate tension in the new Dicastery for Communication that he inaugurated in 2015 as the supreme authority to preside over all of the city-state’s various media entities, including the press office, which had previously been semi-autonomous and completely in the hands of the Jesuits.

After working in Rome for Fox News, Burke joined the Vatican as an advisor to the Secretariat of State in 2012, before being appointed to replace the known Jesuit Fr. Federico Lombardi as director of the press office in 2016. Paloma García was a reporter for the Spanish radio network Cadena COPE before her appointment as press office Vice Director at the time of Burke’s appointment.

Greg Burke and Paloma García were hailed as the first team of lay professional journalists to ever lead the press office of the Vatican, but something must have gone terribly wrong for both to abruptly resign. García was the first female vice director, and one of a handful of women in managerial roles at the overwhelmingly clerical and male-only Vatican institution.

In the meantime, Pope Francis has caused heads to turn once again, when he repeated in his first public audience of 2019, a concept he expressed a couple of years ago: “Better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic.”  In April 2018, Pope Francis also claimed that atheists can go to Heaven, thus reinforcing the impression by Catholic traditionalists and Christians alike, that his opinions on the Christian afterlife are somewhat clumsy, at least compared to standard biblical views and are completely heretical considering his position. Bergoglio’s lapse attitude towards fundamental Christian values is just another evil attempt to acquire us to the advent of a One World Religion.




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  1. So Pope Francis is implying he is not a hypocritical Catholic – and he could even be an atheist heading to heaven – very clear theology ? . In this critical time in world history , near the 2nd coming of Jesus pope
    Francis could have shown clear leadership and with simple guidance could have made the devil flee instead of making it easy for him – but maybe he does not believe in the devil .

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