The end of the New World Order



Article by Leo Zagami


The New World Order project is falling apart before our eyes, which is ironic with the death of George H.W. Bush this week. On Sunday, November 11, 60 world leaders joined the globalist puppet, French President Emmanuel Macron, to inaugurate the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum. However, only six days after this historic occasion organized for the commemoration of the centenary of the armistice that ended World War, the Yellow Jacket protesters gradually began their revolution.

The protests began November 17, when French drivers sporting yellow vests led a demonstration of 280,000 people across the country to protest rising taxes on gas and diesel fuel imposed by President Emmanuel Macron, who announced the new gas tax earlier this year as part of a broader plan to minimize France’s reliance on fossil fuels.  However, the European economy, that is largely shaped by the high-energy returns of cheap fossil fuels,  doesn’t know how to metabolize this drastic change that will bring immediate poverty to the working classes and not the privileged few that Macron is serving and protecting. Low salaries and way too much tax is the diabolical combination imposed by Macron and the EU Mafia, that is gradually creating poverty regardless of the reliance on fossil fuels.

The same is happening in Italy, as the Minister of Economy Giovanni Tria said today that talks with the European Commission over its row with Italy about its budget for 2019 are “moving forward”while stressing that now it is “necessary to make political decisions,” stating that, “We have to move towards the requests of the Commission to avoid an (infringement) procedure.” This means Italy’s new populist government will eventually be forced to accept the increase in taxes proposed by the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

So even if France suspends the fuel price hikes after the ongoing protests turned violent over the weekend, this major concession announced a few hours ago by President Emmanuel Macron’s government might not be enough to satisfy the Yellow Jacket protesters who still face, as does the rest of Europe, the constant impositions and bullying of a dying NWO.

The truth is that Emmanuel Macron, the French president, who many have dubbed “the president of the rich” has cut taxes for only the wealthy, continues to attack workers rights and demonizes refugees–while pretending to welcome them. This is the reason why, despite 412 arrests, and falling numbers of demonstrators, down to 136,000 on December 1, from 280,000 on November 17, 72 percent of French support Yellow Jacket protesters, versus just 27 percent who support Macron globalist policies. The situation is so volatile in France that even Jean-Claude Juncker, the Freemason elitist and Illuminati criminal that presides the European Commission, called off a planned visit to the French parliament planned for today. Remember, the NWO leaders cannot survive for very long if millions of people finally rebel injustice worldwide.

Even leftist NBC stated 3 days ago that Bush’s New World Order is finally changing into Trump’s No World Order. This statement is something most of my readers embrace as a positive change for humanity, but not the mondialist scumbags of NBC,  who would rather cite  Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., a member of the New Word Order House Foreign Relations Committee, saying “It’s deeply disturbing that this president has become a global enabler of despots.”

It’s incredible the spin of the leftist media, but despite the fake news thrown at us daily, we know that Donald J. Trump has given us a second chance to turn things around, but now is the time to get involved and fight this criminal enterprise before is too late! There is technology being developed today by the enemy, that will not allow us to fight for anything in 20 years, because by 2030 we will be microchipped and forced into slavery. We are witnessing an unprecedented time for humanity, we can’t let our last opportunity to change this inevitable future escape us. We must stop living an existence made up of lies and deceipt, or one day we will wake up to a never-ending nightmare!




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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2 thoughts to “The end of the New World Order”

  1. The picture in this article made me smile and celebrate. Bush senior finally gone to hell, while Kennedy (killed by Bush and is friend demons) is smiling from above because Trump is pushing the wheelchair over the cliff. This resemble the end of the NWO as we know it. Humanity is awakened to a new consciousness: we are having a lot of help from benevolent ET`s, the Earth vibration is raising and we are learning how to use this added frequency to become higher beings of 4th and 5t dimension. Yes the world is in total chaos but we must go through chaos to reach the other side were is that new life that we dream… this is the way the Universe work. Lets look at the positive side: A lot as been done, as a result many underground and under sea bases have been cleared by the resistance movement, 500 million of physical reptilians ware removed from the planet, many human hostages ware liberated and are recovering in the shelters were the Cabal was planning to hide during WW3. That war will not happen even if there have been many attempt to start it. The Rothschild bankers have lost the great majority of gold held by the Cabal in most Central Banks, and those “pigs” are loosing their power. The corrupted pedophile politicians are being systematically taking off their seats and replaced by people with more integrity, even though the fake mafia is doing anything they can to discredit them, the people know… So lets be positive and see that the world is changing for the better even if the propaganda machine is screaming about the opposite. I see that by 2030 we will be at the down of a new Earth with a free humanity living on it.

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