Could this be the end of the Catholic Church in America?


Article by Leo Zagami


In an unprecedented scenario, the broadest examination ever by a government agency into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is being conducted. “Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too. Some were teens; many were prepubescent”. Abuses range from harassment to rape, “but all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all. As a consequence of the cover-up, almost every instance of abuse we found is too old to be prosecuted. That is not to say there are no more predators,” specified the very grand jury, that a couple of days ago, published the results of a long-awaited investigation that began back in 2016, into the Catholic clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania.


The state attorney general’s office of Pennsylvania published a roughly 900-page report, that reaches with its exhibits, over 1300 pages, on sexual abuse in six of the eight dioceses of the state of Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Erie and Scranton (the dioceses of Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown were deliberately excluded, since similar investigations had already been conducted in the Obama years without much coverage in the mainstream media).


The investigation involved a period of 70 years, documenting around 300 priests who abused at least 1,000 victims, but this is apparently only the tip of the iceberg. The Catholic Church was forced to reveal there are thousands more victims, as the grand jury itself admitted to the public.  A massive cover-up orchestrated by the Catholic hierarchy in Pennsylvania, that if fully revealed could jeopardize the very existence of the US Catholic Church. This is another possible reason for silencing Infowars, the main alternative news outlet that has been investigating the evil of the Catholic Church in recent years, and is considered a big threat to the New World Order Jesuits.


However, the same jury believes that the real number of children who have not filed a report or whose complaints have been lost, is in the “thousands”.  Yes, not one thousand, but thousands more, and this happened because many brutalized victims failed to come forward to denounce the Catholic Church for fear of reprisal by the Vatican and the once powerful Catholic community, that also includes the Italian and Irish mafia, often used by the Catholic Church to silence their opponents or to cover up their scandals. The US Catholic bishops that now express, “shame and sorrow”for this new chapter of the never-ending pedophilia scandal, are unfortuantely the same hypocrites that once aided the cover-up with the help of criminals. “There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic church, but never on this scale,” stated the shocked members of the jury.

This incredible affair is bigger than we could have imagined, and perhaps is another of those delicate matters they really don’t want Infowars and Alex Jones to expose on social media, especially now, a week before the Pope goes to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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