Open letter to Donald J. Trump on Italy’s future

Open letter to Donald J. Trump: even after democratic elections, Italy risks having an unelected government. We need help


Dear Mr. US President, Donald J.Trump,

it is useless to mention the reciprocal attestation of esteem between the USA and Italy, dating back more than 70 years. Italy culturally, economically, democratically has always been close to the USA, we think with mutual satisfaction. Certainly the special relationship lasted well until 2011, then a US Presidency decided to be in antithesis with post WWII addresses and changed the cards on the table (…). Hence the change of strategic direction: Italy was almost abandoned by the US and falling into a yoke – that is the Euro with German traction – which has implied huge economic damages and economic asymmetries globally. Asymmetries that are not only damaging EU-peripheral countries (with austerity, crisis, high taxes, unemployment, the impossibility of reactivating the economy with growth, etc.) but, probably, Washington itself since today American goods must compete with German exports expressed in euro, facing possibly unfair competition – thanks to ‘euro undervaluation related to the mere presence of the Med EU countries in the euroteam -.

It is indeed a hard matter of fact that an hypothetical euro reflecting the real value of the central European economies without Euro-peripheral countries, would be close to 1.60+ in the exchange rate with the US dollar instead of the current 1.23.

Please consider, Mr President, that in exchange for an undervalued euro Italy has not obtained anything advantageous, just unemployment and deindustrialisation.

In this context, after the last 6 years when 4 (!) Italian governments – please notice – were not elected by the people, today Italy has voted democratically to give a new strategic direction to our Country. As with Your election in the States, Italian election result was a kind of “breaking the system”, with a theoretical majority M5S + League clearly able to govern through a generally Eurosceptic coalition. Such coalition – in different forms – wants to renegotiate the permanence of Italy in the euro and, expressly with the Northern League, even leaving the european single currency.

Unfortunately, the “loser political party” has imposed an electoral law in which the “loser wins”, namely the party of Matteo Renzi, the most pro-European party in Italy if not in EUrope. Many doubt whether there are undeclared interests behind this pro-European push of the PD, I mean not Italian interests (…).

Today Italy and the Italians who clearly demonstrated they wanted to “change”, unfortunately are at serious risk of not seeing the winning political parties to govern. That is, with the usual method of certain leftists that European history knows too well – European left often became dictatorial in the last century (almost all the fascisms were born on the left, especially in Europe), Italy is now risking a kind of white coup in which the next government will not be what the people voted but instead the one chosen, sigh, by Germany and its export lobby.

So, taking advantage of the democratic spirit that unites the American and Italian people, bearing in mind the strong democratic legacy of the Italian-American Justice Antonin Scalia (which coincidentally defined some practices of the Italian judiciary system as non democratic in the ’90s, please notice that the very same practices were largely re-used during the fall of Berlusconi in 2011), we ask for your help so that the result of the urns translates into a representative government.

It is not the aim of this letter to suggest how US help could materialize, but we are confident that just openly declaring American support to a democratically elected government in Italy formed through an alliance of the winning parties will translate into substantial effects.

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Lettera aperta a Donald J. Trump: pur dopo elezioni democratiche, l’Italia rischia di avere un governo non eletto. Abbiamo bisogno di aiuto

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