Apple Vision Pro Unleashes the Ultimate Digital Prison Built by Satan Promoting Itself at the Grammy’s!

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Article by Leo Zagami

In Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 7, I wrote: 

“We are being pushed into the virtual world, that is where the new economic model of post-capitalist growth is going to happen for the New World Order, and the technical infrastructure has already been set up to create both Augmented Reality physical world spaces, the spatial web, and a parallel world that is linked to the exterior world.”

Adding further on in the same book:

“With the 6G networks that are still being developed as I write, we are expected to have even more heterogeneity, and will likely support applications beyond current mobile use scenarios that start to tackle the first transhumanist features with the Internet of Bodies (IoB), as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), ubiquitous instant communications, pervasive intelligence, and the already cited Internet of Things (IoB).”

Now with the launch of Apple’s nearly $4,000 mixed-reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, that hit store shelves on Friday, the dystopian reality I have been portraying in Volume 7 is coming to life, as early adopters have already been spotted around the United States doing the stupid things, thinking they are cool, with a man going as far as being arrested for using his Apple Vision Pro while driving a Tesla.

And he was not the only brainwashed millennial libtard trying to be cool by matching his Apple Vision Pro goggles with a Tesla EV as a guy in a Cybertruck in self-driving mode was playing around with the latest Apple gadget.

But remember this is only the beginning of this new advanced digital prison project created by the New World Order, especially built for the younger generations that might profoundly transform society once it’s launched at a lower price. The video published by End Wokeness on Twitter/X with the comment “Society is one step closer to dystopia” gives us a clear idea of what is coming, and it’s not good.

The indication the NWO is behind all this comes from Fox’s The Simpsons, which has been used repeatedly by the Illuminati for their Predicative programming. Because as I wrote in Volume 9, most people “are clueless about their enslaved status” as they are “living under the thumb of Cyber Satan without realizing it, and soon, they will start merging with the machine as Transhumanism advances, also in the disguise of Transgenderism. In the meantime, our society is gradually descending into a state of perpetual evil, thanks to the constant demonic propaganda.” This propaganda is increasingly pushed, also in the music business; a subject I discussed in detail in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8: From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset, where I also talk about the importance of augmented reality and virtual reality in show business today.

In 2022, the Grammy’s went full-Satanic in a ritual when Lil Nas one of the Satanic protagonists of Volume 8 paraded on stage with demonic photos on the screen and men dressed in black robes for effect. The libtard crowd loved it. In 2023, singer Sam Smith headlined the Grammy Awards with another edgy Satanic performance. Smith and Kim Petras performed their song “Unholy” at the Grammy Awards, in a Satanic-themed spectacle that was later confirmed to be a public worship of Satan.

Last night at the 2024 Grammy Awards singer Olivia Rodrigo performed another Satanic-themed song to the delight of the crowd. Olivia began by rubbing blood all over herself including her face while singing about a demon vampire sucking her blood. Then the walls started to bleed in a truly evil display to promote the Prince of Darkness.

Next year, we will see more direct references to Satanism blended in with transhumanism as we move closer and closer to 2030, so it’s important you get your sons and daughters to read Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft now on Amazon.

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