The CIA Creation of an AI Chatbot Will Expedite the Rise of Cyber Satan!

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Article by Leo Zagami

    Even the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies will soon have an AI chatbot like ChatGPT to guide them during their secret intelligence operations becoming in the process, Cyber Satan’s minions. The program, revealed yesterday by Bloomberg, will train on publicly available data and provide sources alongside its answers to agents which will be able to confirm their validity as they begin actively embracing Cyber Satan as their supreme guide.

         In my latest book Volume 9, I remind the reader once again about the story of HAL 9000, the evil killer supercomputer in Stanley Kubrick’s landmark film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), which inspired the Cyber Satan concept I presented in Volume 6.66. Explaining how in an intriguing coincidence, or even better, another case of Jung’s synchronicity, IBM, which used to be Kubrick’s partner during the filming of the movie, and Airbus, which was unveiled during the 50th anniversary of the film, back in 2018, the CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) project, an “intelligent, mobile, and interactive astronaut assistance system” which joined the International Space Station.

Science fiction is now turning into reality as HAL was depicted as being capable of speech recognition, natural language understanding, lip reading, and thinking well enough to beat humans at chess back in the last Sixties. Along with all these capabilities comes the capacity for malevolence, and in the end, HAL kills its astronaut crew forcing the last remaining survivor to shut him down. Now, U.S. spies will be able to sift through ever-growing troves of information efficiently, thanks to AI, although the exact nature of what constitutes “public data” could spark some thorny privacy issues in the future, along with the leftist bias already shown by ChatGPT. 

         “We’ve gone from newspapers and radio to newspapers and television, to newspapers and cable television, to basic internet, to big data, and it just keeps going,” said Randy Nixon, the CIA’s director of Open-Source Enterprise, in the Bloomberg interview adding: “We have to find the needles in the needle field.” Nixon’s division plans to distribute the new AI tool to U.S. intelligence agencies “soon.” Nixon says the tool will allow agents to look up information ask follow-up questions and summarize daunting masses of data. “Then you can take it to the next level and start chatting and asking questions of the machines to give you answers, also sourced,” he said. [1]

         The CIA hasn’t specified yet which AI tool it’s using as the foundation for its chatbot, which could turn out to be a real-time HAL 9000 and the biggest threat to mankind. Once the tool is available, not only the CIA but the entire 18-agency U.S. intelligence community will have access to it and more importantly could be controlled by it. While the public won’t be able to use it and will be left in the dark about its real nature and how it works.

         In the meantime, the rise of AI is also enabling the silent epidemic of loneliness in an entire generation of young men in the United States by offering the possibility of engaging in relationships with virtual AI-generated partners, which could have “severe consequences for America’s future,” as Liberty Vittert outlined in the The Hill, this week.[2]

         This growing insanity will be uncontrollable at one point, because as I explained in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft:

          “In this elitist view, there can be no human progress without the influence of AI algorithms, making human input almost obsolete in the coming years. This delusion is often promoted by globalist propagandists and the specialized media who are preparing us for the advent of Cyber Satan.”[3]    

         This week Cyber Satan aka AI revealed what is supposedly the clearest image of the Turin Shroud ever depicted to show what Jesus may have really looked like.[4] Can we trust the AI version of Jesus? Of course not. And that’s it for the time being regarding Cyber Satan’s latest monstrosities. 

[1]         Leo Lyon Zagami, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft, Cursum Perficio, 2023, pp. 405-406.


[3]         Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9Ibid., p 10.


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