New Scandal at the Bohemian Grove Exposes the Infamous Members as the Evilest and Stingiest People on Earth!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Five years ago, the powerful and mysterious Bohemian Club, an exclusive Illuminati playground that includes a restaurant, bar, art gallery, and two performing arts theaters, were founded in San Francisco over 150 years ago in 1872, encountered some serious problems with its workers. The Bohemian Club organizes various events, elaborate rituals, first-class entertainment, and a little illicit sex, at the infamous Bohemian Grove every year for some of the richest and most powerful men in the country. 

Members of the elite pay 25 thousand dollars a year, to be part of the Bohemian Club, but a spokesperson for about 100 people who worked at the male-only Bohemian Club said at the time they were getting paid less than $15 an hour (The California minimum wage was last changed in 2008, when it was raised $7.50 from $8.00 to $15.50). So, bartenders, bussers, cooks, waiters, and other employees went on strike. The Bohemian Club spokesman Sam Singer denied that the service staff was underpaid, stating that the union was dragging its feet in the negotiations.

A solution was eventually found but now the stingy Bohemians are in even more trouble, as they are facing a bombshell lawsuit from three former staffers, who claim they were subjected to a series of illegal labor violations while serving its elite membership at their Bohemian Grove retreat in Sonoma County.  The three valets say they were forced to “nonstop” 16-hour shifts at the Bohemian Grove estate during its infamous summer camps, during which they were allegedly not given even a bathroom to use, or any time for lunch breaks.

Despite its lucrative membership, the club also failed to pay its staff the minimum wage they promised in 2018, according to the recent lawsuit first reported originally by SFGATE. However, the Bohemian Club blasted the lawsuit saying the people involved were never officially employed at the club and the suit is only “a transparent attempt to drag the Club into their individual circumstances.” They will probably get away with it since some of their elite members include Nancy Pelosi’s husband and Henry Kissinger. 

The Bohemians possibly chose their owl emblem based on a secret society called Schlaraffia,[1] a German Fraternal male-only order still in existence founded by the Illuminati in Bohemia around 1859. The Germans who immigrated to the U.S. brought their idea to San Francisco. Artists, actors, journalists, and musicians were the primary members of Schlaraffia, which later connected with various members of the future Nazi elite.  It’s rumored that during the presidency of Gerald Ford one Grove employee was a charming, impeccably mannered ex-Nazi.[2]

Both the Bohemian Club and Schlaraffia focus on having fun. So, it would be safe to assume that the Bohemians were the American version of Schlaraffia, but there are also some other occult connections, that we will be discussing today at 5pm PST (6 pm MT/7pm CST/8 pm EST) on The Leo Zagami Show. Don’t miss it!




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