The Real Reason Catholic Joe Biden was Told Not to Attend Pope Benedict XVI’s Funeral!

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Article by Leo Zagami

President Joe Biden, the first Catholic Commander in Chief six decades, who proclaims to be a “devout” follower of the church’s teachings, won’t be attending the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI tomorrow in Rome following his passing last week. 

Biden, a so-called ‘devout Catholic’ was apparently told by the Vatican not to attend Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral “in line with the wishes of the late Pope and the Vatican,” as Karine Jean-Pierre told White House reporters on Tuesday, explaining that America’s Ambassador to the Holy See will attend the funeral instead. 

However, a visibly irritated Joe Biden told reporters today on the South Lawn before departing to Kentucky that the real reason for not attending Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral was another one. He told the reporters he won’t be attending the Pope’s funeral because it would take an entourage of 1,000 people to go, while some Conservative news sources wrote that one of the main reasons for not being invited by the Vatican is Biden’s work to advance the pro-abortion agenda — something that has put Biden on unsteady footing with the Vatican in the past. 

But the real truth is that the Vatican has been doing everything possible to destroy the sacrality of the Petrine ministry by creating the new figure of the Pope emeritus as a retirement option for the Pope, ten years ago, and now by not giving any real importance to his funeral, they are also normalizing another procedure that could be used for future popes that once retired lose all papal honors or the possibility for a state funeral.

There is no papal regalia adorning the body of Benedict, who is currently placed in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Instead, he is clad in red liturgical vestments and a miter without the pallium or pastoral cross traditionally worn by the pope, symbolizing the Plenitudo Pontificalis Officii (the Plenitude of Pontifical Office). The Catholic Pope is no longer a supreme and universal power over the whole church, just a normal dude who can resign and gradually be forgotten about, like an old CEO or the director of your local bank.

In the meantime, almost 200,000 mourners have passed through St Peter’s Basilica over the last three days to pay their respects to the late Pope Benedict XVI viewed by many as the last real Pope.

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