Logo for the 2025 Vatican Jubilee Year Inspired by the LGTBQ Community as Elon arrives in the Vatican after the Son Changes Gender! 

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Article by Leo Zagami

The Vatican evangelization chief unveiled on Tuesday the winning logo of the 2025 Jubilee Year, chosen after a worldwide competition and it looks like it references the LGBTQ community, not Christ.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, pro-prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, presented the logo and the preparations for the Catholic Church’s next holy year at a June 28th press conference. Fisichella said there were 294 entries from 48 countries that entered the logo competition. Participants ranged in age from six to 83 years old.

“In fact, many were hand-made drawings by children from all over the world, and it was truly moving to review these drawings that were the fruit of imagination and simple faith,” the archbishop said.

A panel narrowed the selection to three projects, which were presented to Pope Francis, who chose the logo designed by Italian Giacomo Travisani, who happens to be a flaming homosexual.

A jubilee is a Holy Year of grace and pilgrimage in the Catholic Church, which typically takes place every 25 years. The motto of the 2025 Jubilee is “Pilgrims of Hope” — “Peregrinantes in Spem” in Latin but maybe it should be “Peregrinantes in Sperma” with a controversial logo like this one that has pushed Mario Adinolfi, a known Italian journalist, politician, famous in Italy for his conservative Catholic beliefs to publicly attack the initiative on Twitter writing:

But damn it, is it the Jubilee or a Gay Pride? Did they really have to choose the rainbow in the logo? Anyway, mind you, I’m the blue one: the last on the train.


After the Tweet became viral, sparking controversy and furious attacks against the journalist Mario Adinolfi, who replied with an even more revealing Tweet showing pics with the obviously homosexual tendencies of Giacomo Travisani the author of the 2025 Jubilee Vatican logo who also happens to be a “Massage Therapist”:


In the meantime, Elon Musk met the Pope and broke his Twitter silence to share a photo of himself and his kids with the pontiff a week after his son Xavier legally changed gender from male to female leaving his last name to distance himself/herself from his father calling himself Vivian Jenna Wilson.


It seems like Vivian is getting ready for the 2025 Jubilee as well and maybe they could call Walt Disney to sponsor the event.

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