Vatican Cancels Live Broadcast to Have a Top-Secret Meeting with Biden on Censorship, Immigration, Abortion, and Woke Ideology

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Article by Leo Zagami

Today, the Vatican abruptly canceled the planned live broadcast of U.S. President Joe Biden’smeeting with Pope Francis on October 29, 2021. The sudden restriction to media coverage of the Holy See has sparked complaints from White House-and Vatican accredited journalists that have been willingly left out of this top-secret meeting.

The live broadcast of Biden’s Friday visit has been reduced to cover just the arrival of the president’s motorcade in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace, leaving out the live coverage of Biden’s actual meeting with Pope Francis in the palace Throne Room, where the greetings with heads of States usually occurs, as well as leaving out the live footage of the two men sitting down to begin their private talks in Francis’ library, at which time the cameras should have stopped running but that isn’t the case.

Of course, the Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the revised plan reflected the “normal procedure” established during the coronavirus pandemic for all visiting heads of state or government but that’s a complete lie fabricated to facilitate this secretive meeting between the Pope and his loyal Jesuit agent Joe Biden to discuss such topics as social network censorship, “woke” ideology, cancel culture, and immigration.

Less than two weeks ago, Pope Francis stated that social media companies should stop sharing “fake news,” pleading for such censorship of purportedly open forums “in the name of God.” 

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation,” the pontiff said”.[1]

And in May 2021 “America,” the main Jesuit publication in the United States invited Catholics to literally “Embrace being ‘woke,’ It’s part of our faith tradition.” Adding that, “Mocking the term “woke” has become an easy way to dismiss an issue or argument as exaggerated, superficial, or ostentatious. Black Americans originally popularized the term to describe an awareness of racism and social injustice, but it has been muddled by overuse in political jargon. The political right, in turn, has sought to weaponize it.”[2]

Biden, the second Catholic U.S. president, has met Francis three previous times, but this will be his first as president.

The Jesuits and President Biden go back a long way. Let’s start with the invocation for theinauguration of the clown show presidency on the 20th of January 2021 that kickstarted what most Americans now think of as the worst presidency in U.S. history[3].  Let’s not forget that Jesuit Fr. Leo O’Donovan, former president of Georgetown University, delivered the invocation at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on that infamous date, and O’Donovan himself confirmed to NCR that Biden personally called him and invited him to offer a prayer at the inauguration. 

O’Donovan is a longtime friend of the Biden family. In 2015, he presided at the funeral Mass for Biden’s oldest son, Beau, after he died of brain cancer at the age of 46. Biden is known to be close with many Jesuit priests, and while he was Vice President, he occasionally attended Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. 

In 1992, when Biden’s son Hunter, who at the time was was a senior at Georgetown, and a member of the Society of the Stewards, a long-standing, all-male Georgetown secret society founded by the Jesuits, that I have talked extensively about in Volume 4 of my Confessions[4], O’Donovan invited the then-senator from Delaware to give a lecture at the Jesuit university on his faith and public life. Biden told O’Donovan at the time it was the “toughest assignment he’s ever had.” And we can all understand why, as Biden is not the most brilliant speaker, that’s for sure.

More recently, just days after his presidential election, on Nov. 12, Biden appeared at a virtual fundraiser for Jesuit Refugee Service, where O’Donovan now serves as director of admission. On that occasion, Biden announced that he would raise the annual admission target of new refugees into the United States to 125,000, marking a sharp increase to the Trump administration’s cap of 15,000 individuals.[5]

Back in 2015, Vice President Biden addressed a White House-sponsored forum on clean energy where he issued a sweeping endorsement of Pope Francis a day after publication of the Vatican’s draft encyclical on climate change, saying of the pontiff, “We have a good one now.”[6]

Biden, noted the recent activism on climate change by a wide range of religious communities, “from leading evangelicals … to the pope,” stating emphatically: “I’m a practicing Catholic. I always joke — they say, ‘Why am I a practicing Catholic?’ I say, ‘Because of the nuns and Jesuits,’ ” Biden said.







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