Unprecedented Discrimination of Trump Supporters in U.S. Freemasonry Demands Action

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Article by Leo Zagami


After an investigation that lasted several months, I have found thanks to the help of other Freemasons, a lot of evidence that the once glorious institution of U.S. Freemasonry has been infiltrated and compromised in most of the country by the dark forces of the left, Islamists, and Satanists. Now you might disregard the Satanic or religious aspect of it if you are not a believer, but there is a political one you can’t ignore as a Freemason in good standing.

Traditionally, as all Freemasons know, by not permitting the discussion of politics or religion inside American lodges you maintain a better atmosphere of harmony and peace that both these subjects can, unfortunately, bring up in other environments, but that’s no longer the case, at least in America.

In New Mexico for example a 32° Freemason was balloted out from a lodge for simply wearing a Proud Boys hat, and in Arizona, a Brother was reprimanded in front of his brothers by his Worshipful Master for wearing a MAGA hat on his way to the lodge. The basic principle in Freemasonry is to be respectful and fair to everyone regardless of their ideology and beliefs.

This is fundamental to why Freemasonry was founded and why it is still in existence today. Masonic brethren should respect each other, and this includes leaving your political or religious stand outside the lodge. However, for the first time since the Civil War,  Freemasonry in the U.S. is once again divided by politics and religion with entire lodges dedicated to a political inclination. In most cases bringing Freemasonry into disrepute by not respecting the basic rules of the Craft that forbid such discrimination.

In the Masonic Grand Lodge’s of blue states like California or Colorado, Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and even Harun Yahya’s Turkish sect, are preaching and involved in running local lodges. Timothy Hogan, who is held in high esteem in U.S. masonic circles and is also the Grand Master of the Neo-Templar Order called Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique (OSTI), that runs CIRCES (Cercle International de Recherches Culturelles et Spirituelles), even went to Turkey to meet with the controversial Islamic scholar Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya who claims he is the Mahdi.

Timothy Hogan, who is a Democrat and a member of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Colorado, is a Past Master of East Denver #160 Masonic Lodge (AF&AM) and an active member of Enlightenment Lodge #198, two lodges he used to actively promote his new Islamic alliance in recent years. On top of all this, we have the infiltration of para-Masonic Illuminati sects like the Ordo Templi Orientis, commonly referred to with the acronym O.T.O., that continues the promotion of anti-Christian beliefs of irregular Freemason’s like Aleister Crowley, undisturbed.

In California where I live, the O.T.O. has taken over most lodges, especially in the Los Angeles County area, including some prestigious ones in Hollywood and South Pasadena. In New York City,  the Masonic Hall that is home to the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York regularly rents their lodge meeting rooms located on the corner of 23rd St and 6th Avenue, and the other (constructed in 1907) facing 24th St, to the O.T.O. for their infamous Gnostic Masses featuring a Priestess who sits naked upon the Masonic Altar used by regular Freemasons during their regular meetings. Most Freemasons are good people and often completely ignore the fact their lodge rooms have been used for such depravity by other Fraternal organizations. But let’s remember, the visible world is but a reflection of the invisible realm, and at its center stands the altar used in ancient times for sacrifices, obligation, and adoration and now a focus of faith and fellowship amongst the Brothers of the Craft during their rituals.

Of course, while we hold a view of the world very unlike that which is held by our ancient brethren, let’s remember that the Masonic Lodge is a symbol of the world as it was thought to be in the ancient times. The ancient brethren that created this institution using the art of analogy, had profound insight when they saw the world as a temple over-hung by a starry canopy by night, lit by the journeying sun by day, wherein man goes forth to his labor on a checker-board of lights and shadows, joys, and sorrows, seeking to reproduce on earth the law and order of heaven.

So what happens now that Freemasonry has been taken over by Satanists, Muslims and left-wingers whose intent is to destroy Christianity and the American way of life? This goes against the very principles of Freemasonry as envisioned by Brothers like George Washington, the founding father of our nation who served as the first president of the United States.

Since I have arrived in the U.S. I met many great Brothers who I have recognized as legitimate and honest in their Masonic undertakings, but most are disappointed with an organization that meets only on Zoom for the joy of Communist China and was not even capable of stopping the removal and destruction of the statue of Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike.  Well, no surprise they let it happen when the Grand Lodge of Virginia has been taken over in recent years by socialists like Bro. Andrew Hammer, Past Master of Alexandria-Washington Lodge 22, a dear friend of Bernie Sanders who in recent years has been traveling around the world meeting socialist leaders like Socialist International Secretary General Louis Ayala, former Nicaraguan President Danil Ortega, and many others.


Maybe Pike’s removal will mean the end of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite dominance in America, and the end of U.S. Freemasonry as we know it, but not the end an institution that will one day resurrect like the legendary phoenix, the long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again, accepted also as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and immortality. Because just as the beautiful Temple of King Solomon rose from the rubbish and ashes of barbarous forces like the ones that are destroying Freemasonry today in America, it will become an even more magnificent and resplendent structure, and our faith in living a moral and just life thanks to Freemasonry will one day make us better Americans and Freemasons once we get rid of all the compromises that I have listed above.

Freemasonry was born Christian and should never die in the hands of these evil charlatans who are using it to impose their Communist New World Order. Masonic meetings on Zoom are a scam, and Trump supporters should not be discriminated against because proud conservative Freemasons lives matter now more than ever in American history! I have spoken to several officers of U.S. Grand Lodges who are very concerned and worried about the current situation, but they are afraid to talk. They know that once the discrimination of Trump Masonic supporters is exposed in the press with articles like this one, the whole organization will have to face a complete makeover, or risk several legal actions for discrimination and possibly the closure of entire lodges. Ad maiora.



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