Finally Vatican Confirms First Case of Coronavirus as we Predicted

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Article by Leo Zagami has been warning of this possibility for over a week now and finally, the Vatican admitted today the first case of coronavirus in the minuscule city-state of 650 residents, as the epidemic continues to spread in Italy at an alarming rate with nearly 200 deaths and 4000 cases. Vatican City’s health clinic, which is used by Vatican employees and their families, was turned upside down today in an attempt to sanitize and disinfect everything following the positive test result that an old Vatican worker received Thursday.

In the meantime, the pope, whose first COVID-19 test allegedly turned out negative on Monday, will be canceling the weekly Angelus from his balcony and all kinds of gatherings, conferences, and seminars that have been postponed indefinitely by Vatican authorities.

The first case of COVID-19 was reported yesterday in the Hospital of St. John founded in the Middle Ages as a dependence of the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome, that serves as the seat of the Roman Pontiff. Because the patient in question, who died soon afterward, arrived there and gave no prior warning of having contracted the novel coronavirus, 30 doctors have already been put into quarantine. Additionally, the Journal reports the Vatican “has also sterilized offices in its Secretariat of State because of a suspected, unverified case of the virus there” confirming once again the possibility of other cases and what I have been writing about for the past week.

The Vatican stated that Pope Francis, who canceled all recent events, is simply suffering from a cold, but strangely enough, they have not confirmed the negative result of the swab he took on Monday. The only confirmation of his alleged negativity came from the corrupt Italian Italian media and the Chinese State-controlled media.

Last month Pope Francis instigated an unprecedented high-level meeting between the Vatican and Chinese officials that upset many representatives of the Catholic Church in China and around the world. The most vocal critic of the Chinese-Vatican deal has been the former bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, who wrongly attributed the agreement to Pope Francis’ ignorance of Chinese Communism, ignoring the almost 500 years of secret alliance between China and the infamous Jesuits.

Last but not least, the Biblical city of Bethlehem has been closed following an announcement by Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday.The measure made to close the ancient city was determined based on several cases of COVID-19 that originated from the area of Bethlehem.

No wonder COVID-19 has been linked by many Christians to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as well as cataclysms that will supposedly strike before the end of the world and the Messiah’s second coming. Let’s not forget that the Bible and the New Testament warn about major pestilences in the last days and this is probably only the beginning of what is to come. We must not fear but continually abide in Christ through trials and tribulations.

John the Apostle describes the Fourth Horseman as “Death” who is being followed by “Hades” or “Hell” and in some interpretations and translations of it, the Fourth Horseman is called “Pestilence”or “Plague”. According to the controversial biblical scholar, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, the global pandemic may have been foretold thousands of years ago in the Bible and he is not the only one, as at we also discussed Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s similar views on current events from the perspective of the Messianic (Moshiach) process based on the Divine Agenda.

Even The Jerusalem Post talked about Glazerson and a video he made in February 2020 in which he lays out his thesis that the coronavirus can be found in the Torah if one uses Bible codes, a concept that first was popularized in 1997 after a reporter published a book called “The Bible Code.” The controversial thesis states that secret codes hidden in the Torah can indeed predict major events that have and will take place thousands of years after the Torah was delivered by God.

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  1. Dear Leo. You are asking for help & donations so I will purchase your book or send you a donation now.i believe that God wants me to send you the decoded book of Daniel (read the text backwards)the whole book is about the Messiah yeshua (Jesus) can you please email me?? I must get this book to you free of charge. You must know what is written backwards in Daniel.

  2. love the pew! love everything you do!!
    i am a mini roseanne. no filter. she’s my hero! i truly love the energy of everything you are involved with. Fortunate to find you! Hashem guides me BIGTIME!

    Without further ado . . . . so wonder why the chinese are spraying “the air” and the streets, using the monster trucks? wonder why the fish, during outbreak of corona virus are trying to jump out of the water and commit suicide? Why the birds are exhibiting hugely strange behavior?

    i have a theory that the virus was dosed by airborne agents through the air. it originally showed itself as being a neurological nerve contaminent and killed the original victims instantaneously. Released airborne. chemtrails? i wonder what the exact methid was. but i believe i am 100% on the target.

    And now it’s person to person. that’s why there are different strai s. the virus was delivered in several different methodologies.

    THAT IS WHY they are trying to decontaminate THE AIR. And your show talked about Hashem’s coincidence with the plague through AIR. And did you know that Moshiach will fly through the air, coming in first through or OVER tsfat (tsafed, tzfat, israel) which is the holy city known for the HOLY ELEMENT OF “AIR.”

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