Rainforest Set on Fire to Facilitate Pope Francis’ Global Warming Agenda


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Article by Leo Zagami



In late May 2019, Amazon rainforest Chief Raoni Metuktire arrived to the Vatican to strike a deal with the devil himself, Pope Francis, the first South American Pope. During the visit,  Chief Raoni attacked Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, saying he “shouldn’t be president anymore,” and the Vatican media also criticized Bolsonaro, who is considered to be one of the biggest enemies of the Jesuit Pope.

The old Kayapo chief, wearing his traditional lip plate and yellow crown, was officially in Italy to raise awareness and support for the protection of the Brazilian reserve, but in reality he was called in by the Jesuits to support their evil plan to set the Amazon on fire in a desperate attempt to sabotage Bolsonaro and raise awareness of the alleged global warming and climate change agenda of the New World Order. The Holy See press office director explained how the pope intended to use the meeting to stress environment safeguards, but this fall’s Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazonian Region had already heightening tensions at the beginning of the year between the Catholic Church in Brazil and the populist government of President Jair Bolsonaro, who is close to President Trump.

The national newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reported on February 10, 2019, that the Brazilian government believed the gathering of bishops that will take place in October promotes a “leftist agenda”and they were absolutely right. According to the paper, military ministers “see the church as a potential opponent” and intend to “neutralize” eventual critiques of the government during the synod, but Bolsonaro underestimated the evil Jesuit plan to kick him out  to eventually regain control of Brazil.

A record number of fires ravaged the vast rainforest this summer after the visit of the Amazon rainforest chief, and even CNN meteorologist Haley Brink recently stated that the fires are “definitely human-induced,” and cannot be attributed to natural causes like lightning strikes. The Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate, according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which has been tracking Brazil’s fires since 2013.

In exchange of chief Raoni Metuktire’s support for setting the Amazon on fire, the Pope is granting his approval of spirit-worship in the Amazon. The Vatican is justifying the unprecedented move that will be discussed openly during the Synod of Bishops by saying there is a shortage of priests in the region. However, Walter Brandmüller, a German cardinal, has claimed in the last few days that the proposal discussed in the document prepared by the Holy See ahead of the synod is “heretical” because of its respect for indigenous faiths and their veneration of nature. Brandmüller rightfully complained by saying: “In the context of the call for harmony with nature, there is even talk about the dialogue with the spirits.”


The Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region is scheduled to meet in Rome from the 6th to the 27th of October 2019. Pope Francis announced it on October 15, 2017 and said it would work “to identify new paths for the evangelization of God’s people in that region,”specifically the indigenous peoples who are experiencing the destruction and exploitation of their natural environment and live “often forgotten and without the prospect of a serene future.” But in reality, the “lungs of the earth” are on fire, and shrinking every day because of an evil plan devised by Pope Francis and Father Arturo Sosa, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, to regain control of Brazil and South America that have always been considered by the Vatican as Jesuit territory under their full control. Yesterday in Venezuela, Venezuelan Freemason Juan Guaidò, who opposed the Jesuit agenda has been put under investigation for treason.

The evil agenda of Pope Francis must be stopped to avoid an even bigger crisis on the U.S. Mexican border in the coming months. The fires in the Amazon rainforest were set not in an attempt to clear land for cattle ranching, but facilitate the Pope’s agenda.




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4 thoughts to “Rainforest Set on Fire to Facilitate Pope Francis’ Global Warming Agenda”

  1. I am so sick of this demonic pope, the child raping Vatican and this NWO agenda to destroy everything so they can bring in their Satanic global government. Global warming is Bullshit and a tool to bring in more tyrannical dominance on the people. I wish God would sent an earthquake or lightning or fire and brimstone down on the god damn Vatican in an act of righteousness indignation.

  2. We have a very sick Pope here. Anybody who wants to burn down this many acres of the earth and have this kind of earth agenda, doesn’t have his head on straight. Forest fires are burning in California as well. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org is a great website for following all the global warming crap. It’s really worrisome to have these kinds of things going on. They spray aluminum and other heavy metals on us and it is affecting people and their memories. That can get scary as you realize your memory is not what it should be. Redmond Clay does help though, to remove heavy metals. But, we are fighting with our crops being messed with, and that can be a deadly thing in this world.

  3. Some day the Popes’ agenda will catch fire and nobody, but nobody is going to put it out. As it is said, “You can take that to the bank” but not the Vatican Bank because it will be on fire, too. My sympathy ran out…….

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