Vatican Organizes International Course on the Prevention of Pedophilia in Mexico!

Article by Leo Zagami



Today False Prophet Pope Francis released an emergency video message to all participants of a very special training course that is taking place in Mexico City in the last few weeks designed by the Catholic Church establishment to prevent further abuse of minors. The Vatican and The Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Formation for the Protection of Minors (CEPROME), has united Catholic leaders from around the world including those responsible for seminary formation, diocesan vicars-general, religious superiors, and mental health professionals for a three weeks seminar on the campus of the Pontifical University of Mexico in Mexico City.

The course, that his ending in a few days, focuses on abuse prevention, but the question is,  will the Church manage to accomplish anything, or is it another propaganda stunt by the usual Jesuits? How can we believe a course organized by the same people continue to cover-up the abuse worldwide? Even CEPROME has kept relatively quiet about this project for fear of criticism.

However speaking without notes and apparently off the cuff, Pope Francis acknowledged the gravity of the issue in his message to the participants stating that, “The protection of minors is a serious problem,” and adding: “It is a problem, the shame of which we all know, that it has brought to the Church, that our members have intervened, have acted in these crimes.”

Finally, the Pope proceeded to frame the issue in terms of a scandal saying, “[T]hat no one should keep them from reaching Jesus.” Francis went on to say, “Any person — male religious, female religious, lay, bishop — anyone who prevents a child from reaching Jesus, must be stopped in their attitudes, corrected if we are on time, or punished if there is a crime involved.”

Bergoglio, who is increasingly under pressure for the growing number of sex abuse scandals that are constantly revealed, offered a pathetic analogy on the fight against the scourge of illegal drugs: “How to cure a person addicted to drugs? It takes a lot of time even when it succeeds… but the most valid question is: How to prevent it, so that children do not fall into drugs? Here is [the question]: How to prevent it, so that children are not abused?”

 The rhetoric of Pope Francis, one of the most influential and powerful religious leaders in the world, tends to forget that the Catholic Church is full of priests that are both drug addicts and pedophiles, and the Pope needs to get real grip on fighting such issues as the Vatican Bank (The Institute for the Works of Religion) has been involved in money laundering that is mainly linked to drug trafficking, and priests, and even bishops and cardinals have become a bunch of perverts and Satanists after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s that unleashed a sea of changes that unfortunately destroyed and transformed the once Christian spirit of the Catholic Church forever, aligning it with the future One World Religion operating under the Antichrist.

The Pope mentioned an example of the great 19th century priest and educator, St. John Bosco, known for his prophetic dreams, whose “preventive method” known as the Salesian Preventive System that uses a precise and intensely personal approach integrating religious instruction focused on fostering genuine devotion.

Many of the dreams of St. John Bosco could more properly be called visions, for God used this means to reveal His will for the Saint and for the boys of the Oratory, as well as the future of the Salesian Congregation. Not only did his dreams lead and direct the Saint, they also gave him wisdom and guidance by which he was able to help and guide others. However, in May of 1868 St. John Bosco also had a terrifying prophetic dream of hell the Pope, of course, forgets to mention. You can check out St. John Bosco’s  “The Road to Hell” at:



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  1. This conference they are planning is just a show, in my opinion. They have no intentions of getting serious when it comes to shutting down the pedophile rings. And, I don’t believe they have any intentions of shutting down their drug trafficking routes either. You just can’t trust anything the Pope says. He has to be willing to die for doing the right thing, and I don’t believe he is that kind of person.

    1. Dog & Pony Show – The Fox is still watching the hen house. #FAIL.
      Pasty old pathetic pedos [basically a specific species called homo gaypiens] managing their criminality???? With a recidivism rate so severely high, reasonable minds [yes, we exist en masse] there is no cure or “manageability.”

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