Italian Cemetery Covers Crosses in Communist town to Avoid Offending Muslims


Article by Leo Zagami


Il Giornale reported last week that a small Italian town has taken to covering crucifixes in the local cemetery and chapel, apparently so as not to offend people of other faiths. Of course, political outrage has followed this Satanist gesture, but will this be enough? Pieve di Cento is in a town full of left-wing libtards of around 7,000 people, located just north of Bologna, in Northern Italy. Bologna and the surrounding region is full of atheists and a growing number of Satanists, as well as Muslims. The two Faiths seem to go hand in hand these days.

Locals, however, were still surprised when they saw that  someone at a cemetery in Pieve di Cento erected black sheets to hide crucifixes on the graves. The sheets went up as part of renovations at the chapel, in case any workers of different faiths were offended. Inside the chapel itself, blackout curtains on motorized rails obscure the crosses when work is being carried out. Italian Conservative and Catholic politicians were quick to denounce the move even if Pope Francis and the Catholic Church are on the side of the enemy these days. And although it is unclear who exactly gave the order to cover the religious symbols, leftist politics dominates Bologna, and the city is nicknamed “La Rossa” (the red one), partly because of its historical association with Communism, now in strong alliance with Pope Francis Catholic-Communist Church.

Despite the long-standing prevalence of Catholicism  in Italy, it seems the culture may be succumbing to anti-Christian political correctness as a Catholic cemetery near Bologna has selected to cover crosses on graves to avoid offending those who may practice other religions.

The cemetary’s new policy is sure to prompt outcry from Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who introduced a bill in 2018 to require all public buildings to display a crucifix.

The presence of crucifixes has apparently been a hotly debated topic in Europe, as “refugees” and “migrants” from Muslim countries have attempted to carve out a home for themselves in European countries. US News & World Report notes that a similar debate broke out when the German state of Bavaria attempted to pass a law ordering the display of the cross at the entrance to state buildings.

Sadly, religious icons that were once a mainstay of many of these countries are under threat because of the anti-Christian policies of the left-wing politicians and their demented followers. Don’t let this happen in the United States. Beware Communists love Islam.


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