The Pope encourages Sexual Freedom in post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation


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Article by Leo Zagami


After all the recent scandals, Pope Francis is desperate to regain ground with younger generations.  This was the reason for the unusual press conference that was held this morning in the John Paul II Hall of the Holy See Press Office to present the post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis dedicated to young people entitled, “Christus vivit.”

In “Christus vivit” (“Christ lives”), officially published today, April 2nd, 2019, the Pontiff

says there is a need for “popular youth ministry,”so he is willing to accept a  “broader and more flexible”  vision of things,“which stimulates those natural guides and charismas which the Holy Spirit has already sown among young people, in the different places in which young people concretely move. (The Church) tries to avoid imposing obstacles, rules, controls and obligatory structures on these young believers who are natural leaders in their neighborhoods and in other settings. We need only to accompany and encourage them.”

Pope Francis’ goes on to present, “migrants as an epitome of our time,” and recalls the many young people involved in migration, but he couldn’t leave sexuality out of the equation. So  Francis explained that sexuality is no longer taboo but a gift the Lord gives us. The Exhortation recognizes also that there are young people who feel the presence of the Church “a nuisance, even an irritant” because of the “sexual and financial scandals,”and a “clergy ill-prepared to engage effectively with the sensitivities of the young.” 

Pope Francis said that the Church is in  “difficulty in explaining its doctrine and ethical positions to contemporary society.” What kind of ethical position can a sect of Satanists have?  How can they justify any legitimate or credible  position after the whole world has witnessed an extensive cover-up of the sex abuse scandals by the Pope himself?  This Exhortation will not bring more young people back to the Church, and this conference can be filed once again as another propaganda stunt.




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