Italian Musician Banned From Ukraine For Supporting Putin



Article by Leo Zagami


It was 1992 when Michael Jackson was accused of plagiarism by an Italian singer named Albano Carrisi very famous in Russia, but totally unknown in the US.

The legal issue went on for years and could have wound up in the Italian Supreme Court, but the two artists made a confidential agreement that led to the final closure of the matter. Soon after Albano told the media about an alleged agreement reached between them for a concert in favor of abused children in the world, that of course never happened and we all know why.

Al Bano and his ex-wife Romina Power were big in the Soviet Union in the 1980s and they are still popular in Russia, where Albano is also seen as a very close friend of President Vladimir Putin.

For this reason, Ukraine’s government has put Italian singer Albano Carrisi, better known by his stage name Al Bano, on its list of individuals considered a threat to national security, Interfax reported on Monday. The list, compiled and updated by the culture ministry on the basis of requests by various other public agencies, is currently made up of 147 people.

The blacklisted Italian recording artist, actor, and winemaker originally met Vladimir Putin when he headed the KGB in 1986.

Here is one of Putin’s favorite songs ever:



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