Macron’s police brutally toss a man out of his wheelchair



Outrage at French police that kick a man out of his wheelchair during the Yellow vest protest. Macron is also accused of using plain clothes thugs mercenaries that have been seen carrying out brutal beatings to peaceful protestors in France.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Pope Francis to visit the United Arab Emirates for interreligious event




Article by Leo Zagami 


Two days ago, the Vatican officially announced that Pope Francis will visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the first time between the 3rd and 5th of February 2019. This will be a landmark moment for the creation of the pro-Islamist One World Religion.

The news follows an official invitation from the UAE that was delivered in person by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE back  in June 2018, and follows an important visit to the Vatican made in 2016 by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, the de facto ruler of the UAE. He is someone highly respected by his fellow Emiratis, extremely well connected on the international stage to Illuminati elite, who seems to like putting his fingers in many pies lately.

The Jesuits are camouflaging this event as an interfaith dialogue meeting that could help Catholics in the Gulf. It is estimated there are about one million Christians in the UAE representing roughly 10 percent of the country’s population.

However, in this upcoming three-day visit to the UAE in February 2019, Pope Francis is expected to double down on his promotion of tolerance and understanding between Christians and Muslims, in a continuation of his outreach to Muslim communities around the world to promote a future integration with the Jesuit built One World Religion.

Don’t expect any words from the Muslim loving Pope on the unprecedented persecution of Christians taking place all over Asia and the Middle East. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, said the visit would “strengthen our ties and understanding of each other.”



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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“We Want Trump! Love France.”



Article by Leo Zagami



President Trump claimed the riots in Paris are a backlash against the Paris Agreement on Saturday, tweeting:

“The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris. Protests and riots all over France. People do not want to pay large sums of money, much to third world countries (that are questionably run), in order to maybe protect the environment. Chanting ‘We Want Trump!’ Love France.”

In the meantime, French Intelligence, according to Le Figaro, warned the president last Thursday, that France could be close to a possible coup today. French officials were quoted saying “They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt.”

Quoting French intelligence services, Le Figaro also said there are “calls to kill and be armed with guns to attack parliamentarians, the government, the officials of the executive and the police,”adding that the secret service reported these threats to the presidency.

The police are facing tens of thousands of people who took to the streets today after the yellow jacket movement refused the presidential offers and went on for the fourth consecutive weekend of protests in France, some setting up barricades of fire and drawing tear gas from police, as they continue to pressure President Emmanuel Macron to roll back his economic overhauls. Today may be the most violent day ever recorded in France since the 1960s, and the results might be unpredictable.Yellow Vests protests are growing across France. However, French president Macron, supported by the EU elitists, will try to maintain his presidential position with the use of force and anti-democratic measures in the days and weeks ahead.

Today, the future of French and European democracy is at stake. The wrong decisions could inevitably lead to martial law and wide civil unrest. Anger against the EU across France and Europe will reach new heights, symbolizing the end of this important institution built by the New World Order that is now reaching its end.

Remember, criminals of the New World Order, the principle of national self- determination began with the French revolution, asserting the sovereignty of the people. It is the will of the people that make a state legitimate, not George Soros, not the EU, or Pope Francis. This is the beginning of the end for those who still believe in a Vatican New World Order in the hands of leftist perverts and technocrats.

Gil Scott Heron was wrong,  The Revolution Will Be Televised!


Round 4 LIVE….




Representatives of Casa Pound Italy were also spotted in the protests in Paris.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Member of the Vatican Gay lobby creates outrage by putting Baby Jesus in a Cage



Fr. Stephen Josoma, pastor of St. Susanna in Dedham with Cardinal O’Malley 



Article by Leo Zagami 


Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham cautioned of a new threat to Christmas during their programs on Wednesday. An unconventional anti-Trump take on the nativity scene appeared at the Catholic Church of St. Susanna’s Parish in Dedham, a town in Massachusetts, creating worldwide disdain. The Church’s immigration-themed nativity scene features baby Jesus in a cage, put in this way to represent migrant children in cages, and the wise men to represent the caravan of migrants behind the border wall.

For the parish, this insane stand is meant to be thought-provoking. “We try to take a picture of the world as it is and put it together with a Christmas message,”said Fr. Stephen Josoma pastor of St. Susanna in Dedham, adding that themessage this year questions “peace on earth”,since Jesus represents migrant children being held at the southern border separated from their parents.

Well, that sounds like another piece of insane leftist propaganda so let’s find out who Fr. Stephen Josoma really is, thanks to a couple of extracts from an investigation into his openly gay life featured last September in the Boston Catholic Insider :



Way back during Cardinal Bernard Law’s tenure, Irish parishioners at St. Brendan’s in Dorchester were scandalized to see their pastor, Fr. Ron Coyne and his ‘co-pastor,’ Fr. Steven Josoma, openly conducting themselves as a sexually intimate couple inside and outside the sanctuary.  They sought intervention from the Vicar Forane, Auxiliary Bishop, Cardinal Law, and ultimately the Holy See, and when it got to the point where the priests were reportedly simulating the Sacrament of Marriage in the sanctuary to homosexual couples, the parishioners called the Cardinal’s office and demanded the removal of the priests.  After both were sidelined for several years, under Cardinal Sean O’Malley they were reinstated as pastors.

 In 2005, Josoma played a part in a skit at a parish event with another gay-advocating buddy (now-former priest, Fr. Bob Bowers). As reported by the Globe, their skit included a joke with sexual innuendo about comparing a part of the male anatomy saying “mine’s bigger”. Fast forward to 2013 when the pastor and parish were in the news again over plans to host a presentation by Austrian dissident priest, Fr.  Helmut Schuller.  The talk was part of a U.S. tour co-sponsored by 10 dissident organizations that publicly disagree with the Catholic Church’s teachings that prohibit homosexual activity, gay marriage, women priests, and married priests. Co-sponsors included gay-agenda-advocates like DignityUSA and New Ways Ministry, as well as Call to Action, FutureChurch, Voice of the Faithful, and Women’s Ordination Conference.  Thankfully, Cardinal O’Malley banned the priest from speaking at St. Susanna’s, saying he would not allow anyone to speak on church property who advocates beliefs in conflict with church doctrine.  (We wish that policy were upheld more consistently, but more on that in a moment).  But why was Fr. Josoma on-board with having such a dissident present at his church in the first place?

Not long after that, in December 2014, Fr. Josoma’s parish featured as a faith formation speaker, Michael Hartwig–a former priest, vice rector and professor of moral theology at Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas, who was relieved of his duties in Texas when he came out as a homosexual and left the seminary to live with his life partner, the head of the Dallas Gay Alliance.  His name was in the news around a gay scandal at the seminary that hit papers after he left and took a job at Dominican-run Albertus Magnus College. and he was also in the news for having sued Albertus Magnus over their decision to not renew his contract because he represented himself as a former priest when he applied for the job but then revealed publicly in the Dallas Morning News he was actually a priest of the Dallas diocese now on leave(while at the Albertus Magnus living with his life partner).  His topic for the faith formation series was Divorce and Remarriage – Gay Marriage,and the description said, Our theme this evening was to explore the relationship between Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings on marriage and contemporary patterns of marriage and to ask how the Church might advance these ideals in the contemporary context.”





Children separated from families face a higher risk of being trafficked, and many eventually end up sex slaves to priests like Fr. Stephen Josoma who should immediately remove the cage from baby Jesus, and go crawl under a rock because God’s vengeance is coming, even if Josoma frequents Rome often and is protected by the Vatican Gay Lobby and Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who should be ashamed of himself!




 Schermata 2018-12-06 alle 18.18.44



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Pompeo Announces Liberal World Order


DORAL, FL - OCTOBER 23: Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump attends a campaigns rally In Florida at the Trump National Doral on October 23, 2015 in Doral, Florida. Trump leads most polls in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. (Photo by Johnny Louis/FilmMagic)
(Photo by Johnny Louis/FilmMagic)


Article by Leo Zagami



Two days ago, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a Foreign policy address in Brussels that Donald J. Trump was not abandoning global leadership, but rather reshaping the post-World War two system on the basis of sovereign states, not multilateral institutions. As we all know, these globalist institutions are run by the Illuminati elitist scumbags and their evil and manipulative NWO “Think Tanks” like the Bilderberg Club.

In a historic speech in Brussels that took place before a meeting of Nato ministers, Mike Pompeo explained how Trump is building a new Democratic World Order where Washington will strengthen international agreements blaming “bad actors” such as Russia, China, and Iran. With this announcement the United States is preparing to return as a key player responsible for the development of humanity.

So why is Pompeo calling it a Liberal World Order and not a Trump World Order, instead?

Well to say that we are building a new “liberal” world order means a declaration on behalf of a certain set of principles that are not necessarily leftist, but simply human and essential for the survival of Western Society. For example, the belief that the rights of an individual are primary, and it is the responsibility of governments to protect those rights, that a democratic government, in particular, offers the best chance for human dignity, justice, and freedom. Whether you like it or not, this is not a universally held view. The leaders of some nations and more than a few people around the world disagree on this hierarchy of values, especially the Unholy Alliance of Muslims and their left-wing buddies in the West that are promoting undemocratic liberalism.

Liberalism unchecked by democracy can easily deteriorate into elitist oligarchy in the hands of the evil side of the Illuminati and their Jesuit allies. Finally a US leader is officially rejecting the work of his criminal predecessors, the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s, ending once and for all the socialist globalist Illuminati nightmare, with a concrete and sudden move towards ending the New World Order for something brand new.

To strengthen and preserve this order, however, will require a renewal of American leadership in the international system. Something that only a true world leader like Donald J. Trump, can pull off. Forging a new order based on the principle of putting national sovereignty before multilateralism and the lies of the globalist media is truly Trump’s creed.

Earlier this year, the University of Chicago’s GenForward Survey of Americans ages 18 to 34 found that 62 percent of young Americans think “We need a strong government to handle today’s complex economic problems,” with only 35 percent stating, “The free market can handle these problems without government being involved.”

Overall, 49 percent in the group hold a favorable opinion of Capitalism—and 45 percent had a positive view of Socialism. The rise in the percentage of Socialist left-wing idiots present in US universities is truly disturbing, to say the least. American colleges and universities are now constantly marked by campus race protests, the disinvitation of conservative speakers, and of course, the hate for Donald Trump. US Universities and colleges are full of left-wing professors, and the political views of American academics have degenerated more and more each year after the turning point represented by the protests of 1968 piloted by the Illuminati elitists and the French Grand Orient of Freemasonry. Liberal professors now outnumber conservatives nearly 12 to 1 in the US, not forgetting to mention the Jesuit liberal influence in the US education system.  The criminal practices that characterized the US ‘war on terror’ and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have been clear indications of a complex disengagement of certain values, not only in the United States, but also in other countries that helped to institutionalize human rights as a pillar of the international order, only to make a mockery of such values later on. We can’t forget the rise of Transnational Islamic insurgency and the hypocrisy of western powers dependant on fossil fuels and their suppliers that remain involved in the continuation of the Battle of the Camel. In this scenario, liberal hypocrisy is one of the greatest problems in today’s Western society.

Pompeo stated, “In the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations of the world to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity for all.”  In the meantime, Civil War might gradually erupt in Europe in the coming days and months, because of the growing anger towards the EU leftist establishment, but remember the US could be next on the list if the agents of the dying New World Order succeed in their evil plan to remove Trump by spreading lies and hate from their privileged positions in society.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The Only Logical Solution For The Immigration Crisis


Article by Leo Zagami



Last Friday, the center-right government and the right-wing Danish People’s Party announced an agreement to house as many as 100 people on Lindholm Island. This deal was made for foreigners who have been convicted of crimes but cannot return to their home countries. Foreigners will be required to report to the island center daily, and face imprisonment if they do not. Many would be rejected asylum seekers so this seems the only possible solution at the moment, but maybe only a temporary one as a much better option could be at hand for the Kingdom of Denmark.

Many years ago, a meeting of prominent European Illuminati took place in the principality of Monaco, and a similar solution was discussed involving Greenland, the world’s largest island and an autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark, based between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Australia and Antarctica are of course larger, but they are generally considered to be continental landmasses rather than islands. The proposal could be the best opportunity for immigrants and also for economic growth for the struggling EU.

Greenland has, in fact, been politically and culturally associated with Europe (specifically Norway and Denmark, the colonial powers, as well as the nearby island of Iceland) for more than a millennium, and in 2008, Greenlanders voted in favor of the Self-Government Act, which transferred more power from the Danish government to the local Greenlandic government. Under the new structure, in effect since 21 June 2009, Greenland can gradually assume responsibility for policing, the judicial system, etc, while the Danish government retains control of foreign affairs and defense.

This could be a truly great opportunity for Greenland’s development which needs immigrants and manpower for one of the highest shares of renewable energy in the world, hydropower. Let’s not forget what happened between 1788 and 1868, when about 162,000 convicts were transported by the British government to various penal colonies in Australia. Once emancipated, most, if not all of the ex-convicts stayed in Australia and joined the free settlers, with some rising to prominent positions in Australian society. We have to be practical and honest about the current migration problem. More than three years after Europe’s biggest influx of migrants and refugees since the Second World War, tensions between EU member states over how to handle irregular immigration arriving mainly from the Middle East and Africa is at it’s all-time high. Why not send them all to Greenland?  It’s technically part of the EU and we could truly save the future of Europe by doing so. This solution could help preserve national traditions and cultures and what is left of our ethnicity. Something must be done about the current immigration and miscegenation problem inspired by the infamous Kalergi Plan, that was created with the deliberate aim of destroying national sovereignty and breeding us out of existence in our homelands.

There are 87 distinct peoples of Europe, of which 33 form the majority population in at least one sovereign state, while the remaining 54 constitute ethnic minorities.  The dying New World Order wants to destroy this in favor of a homogeneous bunch of slaves ready to be microchipped, but there is an alternative! Send all current immigrants arriving from Mexico, the Middle East or Africa to Greenland, the largest island on earth, to respectfully and honestly build their own future if they truly want to work, or be sent back to their countries if they don’t. This is not racism but practicality, and one day Greenland could become one of the richest nations on Earth just like Australia. Keep in mind cold climates make people work hard and they make people work smart.



Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The end of the New World Order



Article by Leo Zagami


The New World Order project is falling apart before our eyes, which is ironic with the death of George H.W. Bush this week. On Sunday, November 11, 60 world leaders joined the globalist puppet, French President Emmanuel Macron, to inaugurate the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum. However, only six days after this historic occasion organized for the commemoration of the centenary of the armistice that ended World War, the Yellow Jacket protesters gradually began their revolution.

The protests began November 17, when French drivers sporting yellow vests led a demonstration of 280,000 people across the country to protest rising taxes on gas and diesel fuel imposed by President Emmanuel Macron, who announced the new gas tax earlier this year as part of a broader plan to minimize France’s reliance on fossil fuels.  However, the European economy, that is largely shaped by the high-energy returns of cheap fossil fuels,  doesn’t know how to metabolize this drastic change that will bring immediate poverty to the working classes and not the privileged few that Macron is serving and protecting. Low salaries and way too much tax is the diabolical combination imposed by Macron and the EU Mafia, that is gradually creating poverty regardless of the reliance on fossil fuels.

The same is happening in Italy, as the Minister of Economy Giovanni Tria said today that talks with the European Commission over its row with Italy about its budget for 2019 are “moving forward”while stressing that now it is “necessary to make political decisions,” stating that, “We have to move towards the requests of the Commission to avoid an (infringement) procedure.” This means Italy’s new populist government will eventually be forced to accept the increase in taxes proposed by the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

So even if France suspends the fuel price hikes after the ongoing protests turned violent over the weekend, this major concession announced a few hours ago by President Emmanuel Macron’s government might not be enough to satisfy the Yellow Jacket protesters who still face, as does the rest of Europe, the constant impositions and bullying of a dying NWO.

The truth is that Emmanuel Macron, the French president, who many have dubbed “the president of the rich” has cut taxes for only the wealthy, continues to attack workers rights and demonizes refugees–while pretending to welcome them. This is the reason why, despite 412 arrests, and falling numbers of demonstrators, down to 136,000 on December 1, from 280,000 on November 17, 72 percent of French support Yellow Jacket protesters, versus just 27 percent who support Macron globalist policies. The situation is so volatile in France that even Jean-Claude Juncker, the Freemason elitist and Illuminati criminal that presides the European Commission, called off a planned visit to the French parliament planned for today. Remember, the NWO leaders cannot survive for very long if millions of people finally rebel injustice worldwide.

Even leftist NBC stated 3 days ago that Bush’s New World Order is finally changing into Trump’s No World Order. This statement is something most of my readers embrace as a positive change for humanity, but not the mondialist scumbags of NBC,  who would rather cite  Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., a member of the New Word Order House Foreign Relations Committee, saying “It’s deeply disturbing that this president has become a global enabler of despots.”

It’s incredible the spin of the leftist media, but despite the fake news thrown at us daily, we know that Donald J. Trump has given us a second chance to turn things around, but now is the time to get involved and fight this criminal enterprise before is too late! There is technology being developed today by the enemy, that will not allow us to fight for anything in 20 years, because by 2030 we will be microchipped and forced into slavery. We are witnessing an unprecedented time for humanity, we can’t let our last opportunity to change this inevitable future escape us. We must stop living an existence made up of lies and deceipt, or one day we will wake up to a never-ending nightmare!




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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New Exclusive Interview with Leo Zagami on his new book






International Conference & Book presentation

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Sunday 10th February 2019,

From 3pm to 8pm

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Don’t miss this exclusive conference for a select audience in the wonderful setting of St Peter’s Church in Clapham, London with Anglo-Italian author Leo Lyon Zagami and his special guest speakers to discuss the new book Invisible Master.

In his new groundbreaking book, Zagami finally reveals long hidden information behind the Alien/UFO phenomenon with extreme clarity, discussing in the process the prophets, initiates and magicians who have guided us throughout the millenia. He unveils the truth about where we come from, and the reasons behind the political and religious choices we have made during our long march through civilization.

Who are the Unknown Superiors … the Secret Chiefs … the Invisible Masters who have guided Freemasonry and other secret societies?

Zagami helps us gain access to these secrets, and presents an opportunity to understand the hidden alien reality that surrounds us, and its true implications for humanity. In the months and years to come, information unveiled in this revolutionary work will become increasingly evident. We are proud to present this book in the UK with an entire conference fueled by the most brilliant and unconventional minds around.

The shocking revelations in Invisible Master unveil links between beings with supernatural powers and secret traditions practiced for thousands of years within the Mystery Schools, that will be analyzed and afterward there will be a special Q&A with the audience. We are ready to lift the veil on the unknown for a better future for humanity, come join us to learn the secrets of the Invisible Master  The Puppeteers Hidden Power.


International Conference

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Sacha Stone

Simon Hinton

Simon Hinton is a writer, entrepreneur, esoteric researcher and internationally renowned healer based in Central London. He is the outer head of a magical Order The Temple of Flow dedicated to creating global peace. Simon received an unusual awakening after visiting the Great Pyramid in Egypt in 1987.  Since this time he has experienced thousands of extra ordinary psychic experience and alien contact… some he claims good and others not so good. In this talk related to Zagami’s latest book Simon will attempt to interpret these experiences from an initiated perspective and explain why the return of Angelic beings such as the reincarnated Cathars, long subjugated by the ‘Curse of Rome’, gives humanity great hope as we herald in the Golden Age prophesied by the Hopi Indians.

Jason Liosatos

Jason Liosatos is the author of The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, and host of his show ‘Outside the Box’, he is also an artist, and passionate speaker reminding us that we stand at an evolutionary crossroads, a new epoch, where we are all midwives, artists, sculptors, and gifted shamans,  who must now remember, and use, the tremendous power we all possess to birth and manifest a whole new reality of sanity, love, happiness,  beauty, and joy into being, a reality which is barely imaginable to us in our current state of manipulation, suppression and slavery. We are great magicians who can manipulate matter, events, and outcomes via directed thought and consciousness to manifest a new reality into being. We are the authors and artists of a whole new way of living and being on our planet. We are being urgently called to realize that it is ourselves, each one of us, who have the miraculous power which will restore sanity and light to our dislocated planet and lives, and the lives of those not yet born who are relying on us to ensure their freedom and happiness. It is now our obligation, to use our power and gifts to disarm the darker forces who are manifesting suppression, slavery, and holding humanity hostage.

And last but not least Moderator  Paul Obertelli

Paul Obertelli is a musician and podcaster from London UK. He spent most of his earlier years writing and producing music, releasing records in the USA, UK, and Poland, most notably with the late 90s rock band “Flight 16”. In 2016, he turned his sites on acting while playing “The Duke” in Paul Wilson and Tim Ferguson’s Shakespeare Tonight at the Camden and Edinburgh Fringe. Paul has also studied Occultism and Paganism, practicing as a Wiccan Priest, a Gnostic, and today is a practitioner of Asatru, one of the ancient native faiths of the European peoples. Since 2014, he has mostly set his sights on political activism and commentary and is the founder and main host of the “THA Talks” podcast, an alternative talk show project that covers subjects on the occult, conspiracy, alternative news and political activism. The show prides itself on the principles of freedom of speech, and has recently started to publish articles addressing news and social issues within the west and around the globe.


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