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  1. Yes, I wrote previously to you, Mr. Zagami. Please check out these very important and timely articles on the final steps to Armageddon. You are in position to call this out far and wide; we did the research, but your powerful voice is needed.

    Final Steps: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/04/the-final-steps-towards-armageddon-major-download-of-deep-insider-info-part-ii-3337232.html

    Part 1 of the above article: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/04/all-roads-lead-to-armageddon-3337210.html

  2. Dear Respected Leo Zagami

    A deep thank you for your books and invaluable information contained therein.

    Are there memberships available to join ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS?

    If I may suggest a link for you to refer to regarding JInn. It discusses their essence and how they could be implicitly involved in many so-called ET contact and/or abductee situations. link follows:


    Gracie ~

  3. Dearest Brother Leo,

    Shalom Aleichem, we know each other from years ago, you said “You are the CHOSEN ONE, I cannot kill you.” I will not mention this any further, today I am the World Chairman of the United Nations & International Commercial Group and involved in the USC Chamber of Commerce.

    I serve Almighty YHWH through King Yah’Shua, thus I have with me the Seraphims, Cherubims, Ophanims, Archangels, etc…

    Look forward to speaking with you again.

    Sar Shalom,

    HRH Dr Bishop Chris Kember

  4. Ciao Leo,
    Mio nome e Bogdan nato in Romania
    Ti sto sequndo da tantti anni
    Sembra che fa sennso quello che dicci
    Non sono ne masone, ne iluminato, ne niente
    Secondo me ai raggione nella tua guerra
    Ho volluto far parte della fraternita dei masoni, finche ho scopeto che e avelenata
    Vorrei la tua oppinione su Paolo Fresu quando ha cantato IL silenzio di Ninni Rosso in cima
    delle montagnia e tanti avevno le brace incrociate
    Di solito significa che si difendono, oppure e una dichiarazione che io non lo capisco
    Forse ” fair and squair”
    Hanno fatto “Egregoria”?
    Grazie se non mi risponde qualcun altro

  5. Where can I find the book ‘The Island of Silence’ about Pope Francis by the Argentine journalist you mentioned on ‘Info Wars’?

  6. Many years ago I converted to Christianity and received God and Jesus as my Lord. But I’m definitely tired and I do not fit into any Christian church, any less Catholic. The great BITCH of Satan – I’m not stupid, I know a lot about the iluminatis, and the new order and its manipulations. I do not believe in any religion. I know there is a war between demons and angels and everything else are stories that make people believe. I’m on the side of God. And I am willing to do anything, without fear of helping people to know God and to leave the paths of evil. I’m tying some pieces. DO you want to help me? If you want my email is anethantu@gmail.com . THANK YOU.
    and Congratulations on leaving the dark side, do not be afraid of Satan only to God. And if God is with us who against us.

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