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  1. Yes, I wrote previously to you, Mr. Zagami. Please check out these very important and timely articles on the final steps to Armageddon. You are in position to call this out far and wide; we did the research, but your powerful voice is needed.

    Final Steps: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/04/the-final-steps-towards-armageddon-major-download-of-deep-insider-info-part-ii-3337232.html

    Part 1 of the above article: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/04/all-roads-lead-to-armageddon-3337210.html

  2. Dear Respected Leo Zagami

    A deep thank you for your books and invaluable information contained therein.

    Are there memberships available to join ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS?

    If I may suggest a link for you to refer to regarding JInn. It discusses their essence and how they could be implicitly involved in many so-called ET contact and/or abductee situations. link follows:


    Gracie ~

  3. Dearest Brother Leo,

    Shalom Aleichem, we know each other from years ago, you said “You are the CHOSEN ONE, I cannot kill you.” I will not mention this any further, today I am the World Chairman of the United Nations & International Commercial Group and involved in the USC Chamber of Commerce.

    I serve Almighty YHWH through King Yah’Shua, thus I have with me the Seraphims, Cherubims, Ophanims, Archangels, etc…

    Look forward to speaking with you again.

    Sar Shalom,

    HRH Dr Bishop Chris Kember

    1. All praise and glory to the most high YHWH and YahShua HaMessiach, for the time draws near for the return of our mighty king.

  4. I just bought the second Confessions book about the Illuminati. That book and the first one are unbelievably full of detailed information. I wish you the very best, and thanks for being so illuminating! I’m glad there are still moral, ethical people in this world.

  5. Hello,

    I find myself involved in something that is beyond my control or my doing. However, I feel compelled to inform you that we are dealing with something beyond sinister. It is, in fact, the control of mind and body electronically which will lead to the elimination of the Human Being and Spirit.


    kind regards, Chase

  6. To The True Brotherhood of the Light… We have not forgotten of your service and the good you have done for the people of this Earth. Many make mistakes my Brother, It is our place to guide them. Your Faith saves you my Brother and that which was done unto you in darkness shall now be brought to Light. For what is hidden in darkness shall be brought to light. and what is dark shall not be hidden. I speak against all the o.t.o and these misguided brothers and sisters of ours. They forget the true Lord Jesus Christ…He is jealous God.;.My sword and shield are yours Brother and my Loyalty is as firm as a Rock. For it is written, The stone that the builders reject,,has now become the Chief Cornerstone,( or if you want a bit savvy,,the Royal Arch stone placed to help keep the door from closing)
    Much Love and Respect..
    Jamin; R.P; Mirasty

  7. hoot…hooott…hooott…owl white here hooting at your front door from up in the tree my brother…just got done reading…all…of your words and they are excellent leo…very in depth and articulate…very good…excellent…Keep up the watch tower on the Catlik Cult (catholic church) cause you can’t have enough of a shovel to dig deep enough cause there is no bottom except once you reach hell fire down below…would love to join a ordo here if there is a CLEAN one here…thanks…will keep in touch in the ether realm…

  8. Dear Leo
    I have only just started to awake from the long sleep, it would seem to my disgrace, and I think it is because of people like yourself who fight fearlessly and tirelessly for us all. I know you are not alone I see others now and they too struggle, and you suggest why that is. They are picking up what they need along their way. It seems you fight with the sword of Odin buy your side to my small branch from a dying tree, it seems you have the strength of Heracles to my feeble ageing body, I fought buy the light of a candle in the depths of night to your light given to you buy the light from meny stars. I wish you well I wish you all well take care and pick your shield well you will surly need it.

  9. Hello Leo,

    I like what you are doing, unfortunately my African people dont really know anything about this and i hope soon they will awaken to the truth that`s right infront of our eyes.
    good job.
    stay safe , this people dont like to be disclosed.

  10. There is an evil that is sealed away that is a demonic force that was uncalled for.. which needs to no longer be reconciled as present.

  11. Hello Leo,

    Do you have availability for my wife and myself at Your Kingman, Arizona talk June 30th.

    Please let me know, as I would be coming from Salt Lake City, Utah and have to make plans.

    Thank you ,and I appreciate your work.

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